Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oh. Yeah. That’ll Do It….

A public common car park on the outskirts of Brentwood has been closed until work is carried out to deter doggers.
Infra-red CCTV? Manned guard post?

Well, no.
The Tylers Common Nags Head Lane car park, on the border of Upminster and Brentwood, was closed last week while Havering Council removes vegetation round the perimeter of the car park….
Yup! ‘Trim your bush to deter doggers!’.



Mick T said...

Ah, a botanical solution!

microdave said...

‘Trim your bush to deter doggers!’

Don't Brazilians like dogs???

Anonymous said...

there's those nights out gone in a blur of hedge trimmers then Julia.

blueknight said...

I would imagine that what they describe as 'dogging' is actually al fresco cottaging.
Looking for 'Martha' and finding 'Arthur'. Imagine the disappointment.

blueknight said...

Police are combing the area?

Moppy said...

All there is to be said.......

JuliaM said...

"there's those nights out gone in a blur of hedge trimmers then Julia."

Oh, I'll get a man in with a tool, like I always do.

"Police are combing the area?"


Anonymous said...

They never seem to grasp the notion of letting sleeping dogs lie, do they?

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