Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Who Said Our Judges Were Out-Of-Touch Old Duffers?

Because you’re absolutely right:
Brutus, a Staffordshire bull terrier, faced being put down after attacking Maltese cross Yorkshire terrier, Toby, on December 28, causing serious internal injuries costing £1,800 in vet bills.
And injuring the 13 year old who fought desperately to rescue her 11 month old puppy in the process…

Ought to be a slam-dunk case, yes? Well, not so fast:
Defence barrister, Philippa Beswick, said a son of Mr Stevens had severe mental health problems and it was feared that if Brutus was ordered to be destroyed it could “push him over the edge” and he might take his own life.
Hah! As if that’s going to wo…

Judge Anthony Goldstaub, QC, ordered Brutus must be muzzled in public and that Mr Stevens ensure garden fencing is secure.

The judge also made it a condition of a three-year community order that Mr Stevens must not be in sole charge of a dog in a public place.

So who’s going to walk it, then?
Mr Stevens, who admitted being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog, said: “We are so pleased with the decision. Brutus is not a dangerous dog, he is very good with people.
“Fighting against Brutus getting put down was the most important thing for me. Losing him would have broken my son’s heart.” He added: “We are animal lovers. We wouldn’t want to see any animal hurt. Brutus slipped his lead. It was an accident and we really feel for the other family.”
So, you’ve stumped up for their vet bills, yes?

After the hearing, Alexandra Sciberras’s mother, Patricia, hit out at the sentence. She said she felt “let down” by the judge’s ruling. She said: “I am shocked. Mr Stevens hasn’t even been charged court costs, let alone our vet bills or compensation.”
I’d suggest you sue for them, but then this chav family would simply declare ‘poverty’ due to caring for their mentally disturbed son, I expect.

And I suppose I shouldn’t expect any more of a judge who suggests that conversion to Islam should prevent any further rape, or that going to the gym might be a cure for wife beating


Anonymous said...

The dog should have been put down and if the nutter tops himself well that's just too bad. Double win!

SBC said...

"Brutus slipped his lead. It was an accident"

OH FFS! Bull Staffies are fairly gentle souls by nature but were originally bred to kill Bulls. The clue is in the name. A Bull Staffy is little more than a genetically engineered wolf with a bionicised bite designed to hang on to a bull's throat until it tears out its carotid.

And two hundred years of inbreeding since haven't erased it's basic hard wiring.

So why the fuck would anyone let one out the street with a child- a mentally impaired child to boot and unmuzzled?

That was the crime here and the dog should have been destroyed by a Police Tactical Firearms team on the spot.

Mr and Mrs Stevens shouldn't be allowed to have kids, let alone a dog.

"Brutus is not a dangerous dog"...that's why you call him 'petal' right?

Woman on a Raft said...

I suppose there might be a number of wandering Staffies at Dovercourt, but another explanation is that Brutus has been challenging other dogs - as Staffies are wont to do - for some time? Especially a problem with the smaller terriers:

August 2010 Poor little Daisy attacked:


and from the comments, this pair:

I wonder if this was the same dog that went for our two Jack Russel dogs two months ago?
My wife and I was walking along the sea front at Dovercourt, when this dog, that was not on a lead, or had a muzzle on. Decided that it was going to have our two dogs for dinner.
If it was not for my wife putting the boot in so that we could get our dogs up and out of harms way, then who knows what may of gone down.
The Police were called (took them 40 minutes to get to us), and all that they could say was. "Well at least your dogs are safe".
Did not matter that dogs like that was of the lead or what ever.
The owners were just as nasty as the dog, and they just wanted to come and kill our dogs.

JuliaM said...

""Brutus is not a dangerous dog"...that's why you call him 'petal' right?"

Spot on! I wonder what the names of these beasts were?

"I suppose there might be a number of wandering Staffies at Dovercourt..."

Well, it is Dovercourt...!

Woman on a Raft said...

If it was not for my wife putting the boot in

Dovercourt. Point taken.