Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Some ‘Rescue Centre’!

Jean Crooks, 78, was outside her house in Morris Avenue, Billericay, with her bijon frise Murphy, when she claims about seven dogs came out of a neighbouring house and started attacking her dog.
Luckily, she wasn’t alone for too long:
She was pushed into the road and desperately tried to pull Murphy free.

She said: “I was terrified, there were two dogs going for his throat and I was laying on the floor holding on to his lead.”

A man in his 40s passing by stopped to help and managed to break the dogs up.

Neighbour, Gwen Blewitt, 54, came out of her house to help and claims she sustained bites to two of her fingers during the commotion.

She was taken to Basildon Hospital by ambulance to have her injuries bandaged and undergo tests.
Another irresponsible dog owner?
The owner of the other dogs, Lou Scott, runs a dog training and rescue service called Animal Action from her home in Morris Avenue.
She claims only one of her dogs, an 11-month old rescued German shepherd cross, was involved in the attack and the others were just “milling around”.
Well, isn’t one enough, love?

And why were they free to ‘mill around’, even if that’s what they were doing? Shouldn't you keep them under control and not free to roam?
She said: “I’m devastated about this and very concerned the dog was hurt.”
You’ll be paying the vet bills, then? And ensuring the dangerous dog is destroyed?
The dog has since gone to new owners and Ms Scott has told them about the incident and advised them to muzzle the dog when outside.

I wonder if this is the culprit?

And this isn’t even the first incident, it seems:
A spokeswoman for Essex Police said: “We were called concerning two women who had been attacked by a group of dogs.

“Officers are now liaising with Basildon Council’s dog warden and the dog owner concerning these dogs, as there has been a previous incident and the owner has been reported for offences of having dogs dangerously out of control in a public place.
One to watch…


Peter Risdon said...

I rescued a year old mastiff who was a problem with other dogs, mainly because he scared them and they'd attack him pre-emptively, which he then, briefly, started to pre-empt when meeting new dogs. For a while I had to muzzle him.

On one occasion, a labrador that was some distance from its owner bit him, my other dog, then me (ripping a large hole in my trousers and leaving a bite-shaped scar that took 18 months to disappear), before he attacked it. Then the lab's owner went round telling people I had dangerous dogs - until an old woman who'd seen what happened loudly told him to shut up and stop lying.

Rescuing dogs does mean having disturbed animals for a while. They're always very anxious at first, maybe worse. Like the mastiff, who's absolutely fine now, they can be turned round.

It's the fault of the original owners, not the dogs. I do feel it's right to rescue and give them a chance. It's not at all surprising that a newly rescued dog might have socialisation problems.

They just need to be kept under tight control while they're sorted out.

Angry Exile said...

A dog training service? Doesn't sound like a very good one.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX A man in his 40s passing by stopped to help and managed to break the dogs up. XX

And there were bits of dog hanging from every tree branch?

One was even covered in bark!

Basil Brush said...


JuliaM said...

"Rescuing dogs does mean having disturbed animals for a while. "

Oh, agreed. And it's possible to turn them around, but - as you point out - until that's achieved, they should be secured safely.

On this occasion and, from police reports, at least one other, that has not happened.

Anonymous said...

Aaliyah Puaar
This Rescue is TERRIBLE!!! She took in my Dog Without My PERMISSION & Doesn't want to give her back, she's is Unprofessional And Has absolutely Disgusting Attitude. She's not willing to give my dog Angel back even after she found out it wasn't my dads dog and she is micro chipped in my name! I was told by a solicitor that I should be ale to go and pick my dog up as she wanted to give her back to me and wanted to give her in for adoption and that if I wanted her back I would HAVE To get her Neutered, in which I didn't want to but would be £180 plus £175 to get my dog back, I am now having to take her through court to get my dog back. She stopped answering calls and hasn't responded to The Letter Of Claim and now I have to take her through County Court Proceedings under the act of mishandling goods and not giving back my property. This Rescue Just Thinks about money and makes me feel absolutely sick!!.
I Would suggest anyone who loves animals to send theirs to Lou Scott they are despicable.