Thursday, 10 November 2011

It’s OK To Abuse The Elderly, They Can’t Remember It!

A care home worker who was jailed for abusing two vulnerable pensioners will be released imminently after Appeal Court judges cut her sentence.
Mrs Justice Thirlwall, sitting with Mr Justice Irwin, said being sent to prison at all would have had a major effect on a woman of previous good character such as Heaney.
Oh, for…
The judge said there were mitigating circumstances, which justified a lesser sentence.
They didn’t elaborate, or the newspaper didn’t think to print them though, so they will remain a mystery…
"We acknowledge that neither of the victims sustained any distress or injury and they were very short incidents," said the judge.
Well if they are ga-ga, then no, they wouldn’t sustain lasting damage, I suppose. And while that might be a blessing for their families, I fail to see how it could possibly be mitigation
"The consequences for the appellant have been grave. She has no realistic prospect of being able to work in her chosen field again, and rightly so. The effect of prison should not be underestimated."
Yes, we can clearly see the effect of prison.

So, what did she do? Snap one day, under intolerable pressure and demanding patients?
The senior care worker had been in the industry for more than 20 years when she abused the two residents, a man in his late 80s and a 95-year-old woman.
On one occasion, she responded to the man's request for more sugar in his tea by adding several spoonfuls – and then pouring in vinegar.
She was also seen walking up to the woman and striking her on the back of the head as she sat in her wheelchair.
They should have doubled her sentence…


Angry Exile said...

She wasn't of previous good character, she was just of previous not found out.

Lyn said...

Well, we all know how well our eldery are treated by the Government, don't we? I mean, 20,000+ dying each year from the cold - each year from the cold would equate to 3 to 4 months! Yet they bleat on about around 3500 deaths on our roads each year - ie in 12 months! Many of the road deaths are caused by total stupidity - deaths in the elder from the cold are due to a total lack of concern or respect from Government who are too busy fiddling every last penny they can for themselves!

JuliaM said...

Good points!