Saturday 22 December 2012

Something In The 'Guardian' I Can Agree With!

And it's this, by Charlotte Higgins:
Every midwinter, as the year dies, there is a ritual in which some grownups, old enough to know better, indulge: we reread Susan Cooper's children's story The Dark Is Rising.
You're not wrong, Charlotte...

It's an illuminating interview.

*curls up with a whiskey and a book*

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MTG said...

Agreed. Also not open to challenge is the Nick Herbert gem:

"...Anyone who doubts what was behind Mitchell's downfall need only read the blog of Inspector Gadget. A serving police officer, the self-promoted Gadget (he is not an inspector) says: "The relationship between Conservatives and police officers is not just toxic, it is over." Feelings about the reform of pay and conditions were so strong "there was bound to be trouble. Plebgate is trouble".