Monday 17 December 2012

Nothing 'Complex' Or 'Unusual' About It...

Remember this story?
Six police officers were treated in hospital after diving into a river in a bid to rescue five occupants of a car which had crashed into the water.
Police said the six officers dived into the River Avon in a bid to save the silver BMW's occupants after it crashed into the water today.
Two other women were being interviewed as witnesses in what the Fire Service described as a "complex" and "unusual" incident.
Oh, really? Well, now the court case is over, we can see just what was so 'complex and unusual' about it:
A drink-driver who careered off a city centre bridge, killing a young mum, had been driving with no licence or insurance for 13 years.
A court heard Shennie Jaffer had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his breath when tested, nearly three hours after losing control of his BMW car in Passage Street and plunging into the Floating Harbour.
Bristol Crown Court heard Jaffer, of Robertson Road, Easton, had been showing off and refused to slow down or stop even though his terrified passengers – who included his pregnant girlfriend – pleaded with him before the accident at 4am on October 20
Jaffer dived into the water several times but his frantic efforts to free her failed and she drowned.
The court heard the 31-year-old then went home, where police later found him and his girlfriend, next to wet clothes. Disoriented Jaffer initially told them they were "corrupt" in targeting him, before saying: "I tried to help her."
He had previous convictions for failing to stop after an accident in 2004, when he was banned for a year, and failing to provide a breath specimen in 2009, when he was banned for two years.
Nothing too unusual there. Nothing too unusual about the defence's laughable attempts, either:
Mr Rose said eventually his client walked away in shock and was found at home, disorientated, with his wet clothes beside him.
He said: "That disorientation was more than mere alcohol.
"When first spoken to he was aggressive and defensive. But he admitted matters regarding him driving in the police station.
"He was exuberant that night, in an excess of high spirits. Now he is very subdued, quiet and thoughtful and inevitably affected by it."
Yes, clearly, he's the victim. OK, maybe the punishment from the justice system is the 'complex and unusual' part?
Jaffer was jailed for six years and eight months yesterday...
Nope. Guess not.


MTG said...

I sincerely hope Mr Jaffer is unrelated to the munificent English family with whom he shares a surname, for the rather obvious reason that decent folk would be loath to burden innocent prodigy with 'Shennie'.

I mean, it would require some pretty heavy dope or a strange cult......oh a clear image explaining all has now now appeared on my screen.

Carry on.

Noggin the Nog said...

WTF sort of name is Shennie Jaffer?

Sounds like a paki to me.

Robert the Biker said...

Picture in the article Noggin, and yeah, he's an 'enricher' of some sort (like all of them judging by the names).
If this had been my daughter, this POS would be begging the judge to keep him in for a few more decades, where it was safe.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

No jobs were harmed in the making of this very interesting case.

No relation?

Dramatis personae:

* Shennie - go straight to gaol, do not pass go but collect your giro. Oh, and duff some slag up first
* Narmara Whisker - "had only recently become a mother" - so logically, here she is at 4am with a drunken brute at the wheel.
My own mother is very modest of her hellraising when I was a baby. "Have you gone quite mad?" she says. I think she must be in denial.
* Ms Whisker's cousin Lheirisha
That's so posh. Her parents must hold great hopes for her.

* Weasel lawyer When first spoken to he was aggressive and defensive.Now he is really sorry blah blah blah alcohol blah blah blah that's 900 quid thanks bye

This brute should be tethered and working in a field. If he disobeys, he should be soundly beaten. He should be pulling a crude wooden dray, something you'd never do to the valuable and noble ox.

I'm not a wacist. This applies equally to all Julia's glorious gallery of grotesquely garbled genomes.

I don't know what to make of this comment:
by Mammy6
“I'm shocked at the stupid amount of time this waste of space has been jailed for!
I have seen first hand how dangerous he drives when he almost took me and my 10 daughter out on Devon road a couple of weeks before he commited the death of narmara.

Lord T said...

So Plod won't go into a pond for a 12 year old kid but the whole force goes in to save a drunken criminal.


Tatty said...

Major accident, absolute chaos ensues and a minimum of SIX police officers on scene...albeit in the well as a myriad of other emergency services including a "security guard".

Yet 4 out of 5 people manage to evade detention of any kind...not even for medical treatment (?) the scene and tootle off home.


Anonymous said...

For all of the three weeks he attended school, 'Shennie' was known by his full name of Shenandoah Mickey Kiwi Poached Quince Jaffa Orange.

This delicious early American plantation name, was cruelly debased by insensitive kids who took the Mickey out of it.

staybryte said...

The Ted Kennedy Defence?

JuliaM said...

"WTF sort of name is Shennie Jaffer?"

The great British Roll of Underclass Names has another new entry for prospective mothers-to-be...

"That's so posh. Her parents must hold great hopes for her. "

And another! God, who'd be a teacher these days?

"Yet 4 out of 5 people manage to evade detention of any kind...not even for medical treatment (?) the scene and tootle off home."

I think the panic as they all searched in the water must have helped. And at that time of night, no doubt many lookie-loos came to goggle.

"The Ted Kennedy Defence?"


Rob said...

"his client walked away in shock and was found at home, disorientated, with his wet clothes beside him."

The Chappaquidick Gambit. Failed this time, presumably because he was an underclass piece of shit instead of a Democrat Senator and Kennedy family member.