Monday 24 December 2012

So, I Guess They Will Just Be Left With 'Harsh Language'?

Or with this:

Or this:

Or I guess about 10 of these (with body armour) could flatten the 'child':

I'm sure none of those methods are likely to cause 'potentially fatal health problems'...
...yesterday a campaigner condemned the use of Tasers on children, and called for an outright ban on firing the devices at under-18s.
And how are they supposed to tell if they are under 18..? Who could possibly come up with something so stu...

Oh. Of course.
Sophie Khan from McMillan Williams Solicitors...
No-one anyone needs to pay the slightest bit of attention to then.


Anonymous said...

Sophie Khan, is an Ambulance chasing Lawyer, Actions against the Police, she must cause her Father great embarrassment, where does she do her Research about TASER google ?

Budvar said...

I totally agree with the sentiment of not tasering kids, but it depends on how "Kids" is defined doesn't it?

A 6' gobshite of 14 peering through a hole the size of a 10p on his hoodie, hey taser away.
A 6 year old telling his teacher or some copper "Yeah but, you smell" being tasered is straying into "Way out of line" territory.

That said, if little Johnny is chasing the other kids around the street with daddies katana, and wont respond to a "Johnny, please stop that" and he's going all Darth Vader, then by all means shock the little bastard into the middle of next week.

There used to be a thing called common sense, circumstances should dictate deployment of tasers, not age limits and other spurious criterior. Johnny with a katana, ok, Johnny and his mates running around the front yard squirting each other with water pistols, does not require an armed response.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Sophie Khan from McMillan Williams Solicitors...XX

aha. Seems to go through a lot of solicitors firms, this one.

It was "GT Stewart solicitors", last time.*

Normally, when someone changes firms so rapidly, there is a...."problem" somewhere. Wonder what THAT could be?

*(Your second link).

jaded said...

Sophie Khan-professional nutter.
Next time a teenager rushes towards me with a knife i'll have to check his birth certificate before I decide what to do about him.
Or I could use the Jimmy Savile defence-"well she looked 16 to me!".

Budvar said...

I'd also like to add, if I'd been elected as Police Commishoner (that's how half the twats elected spell it..) if ever the call came in "Requesting back up, I've got an ambulance chaser spouting pretentious twattery, I've got the taser deployed, oh and guv better get the lads to load up the heavy duty marine batteries and booster cables in the van as the charge on the rig wont last long at this rate.." You'd have my backing!!

jaded said...

Oh no i've just googled her-she works in the Croydon office.Too close for comfort!
Before you ask Julia I haven't got a taser. They arrived at my station about a month ago and no-one (young or old) has been zapped yet.

DCI Broxted said...

Thanks for tell us you are near to Croydon WPC Jade D. Sophie tells it like it is hence the odium from plod.

Anonymous said...

@ DCI Broxted

Jaded lives in a hut of gingerbread and cakes, at the edge of the Great North Wood.

Oh, no she doesn't!.....

Lord T said...

It must be easy. All shopkeepers are able to tell the ages of anyone. That is why they get fined for breaking the law by selling to underage kids.

So the boot is on the other foot now. Will Plod get fined if they get the ages wrong.

Thought not.

JuliaM said...

"..where does she do her Research about TASER google ?"

Doubtful. Just on the 'blind pig/acorn' basis she'd get more right.

"...but it depends on how "Kids" is defined doesn't it?"

Given today's adults are often indistinguishable from kids...

"Normally, when someone changes firms so rapidly, there is a...."problem" somewhere. "

She's incapable of keeping her mouth shut. Normally an asset in a lawyer...

"Sophie tells it like it is..."

Not in any reality I recognise.