Wednesday 26 December 2012

Seeing Out 2012 With A MONA Story?

A woman waiting at a bus stop in Streatham has died after being hit by a car involved in a collision in Norbury a few minutes earlier.
Unusually for this time of year, it doesn't seem to have been a drink-drive incident:
The first collision occurred at 5am between two cars in London Road at the junction with Ederline Avenue in Norbury.
Following the crash, involving an Audi and a Volkswagen, there was an altercation involving a number of men.
When plain clothes police officers, who had been on duty nearby, intervened, a number of men made off from the scene in the Audi.
Officers stayed with the injured driver of the Volkswagen and the man was taken to hospital where his condition is critical.
Police do not know at this time whether his injuries were sustained in the collision or the subsequent assault.
It tells you quite a bit about the assault that the injuries are indistinguishable from a car crash, eh?

It was then the bus stop incident occurred, killing a woman outright and severely injuring a man. Any description of the suspects beyond 'men', officers?
The occupants of the car left the scene before the police arrived.
Ah. Right. We'll all look out for 'occupants' then...

Update: Well, whaddaya know!? The 'Mail' has also dropped all reports of an 'altercation'. Curious.


MTG said...

Aesop could have used the characters 'Idiot and Baboon' just as effectively as 'Farmer and Viper'.

Mr Angry said...

And the car later crashes into a house killing another two people as well -- from somebody who knows......

James Higham said...

Curiouser and curiouser.

Ian Hills said...

Colours erased by order of the Home Office...

John Pickworth said...

I can't comment. We all know they'll be a short man hunt, followed by an arrest and a brief trial where he'll get 5 to 6 years. And everyone will carry on just like nothing happened.

In other news (in the same newspaper)

Survivors of 2004 tsunami left horrified after being 'ambushed' by trailer for movie about Boxing Day tragedy

The promotional video for The Impossible, starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, is being screened without any prior notice before fantasy fiction movie The Hobbit.

Read more:

Don't think ill of me... but I laughed.

banned said...

Veronica Chango-Alvarez is not a WONA though?

Mind you, Streatham always was a shithole but even more so since they closed down the bowling alley and ice-rink; no reason to go there at all these days.

JuliaM said...

"And the car later crashes into a house killing another two people as well -- from somebody who knows......"

Eh? Haven't seen this anywhere on the news?

"Colours erased by order of the Home Office..."

The cat's out of the bag now. And it's not grey, even in the dark.

"Don't think ill of me... but I laughed."

Me too! FGS!