Wednesday 5 December 2012

Let’s Hope His Children Never Get Backache…

His defending solicitor Mark Brown said McCaw had previously sought veterinary help, for Cheech.
On the night he was killed, Cheech jumped off the settee and appeared to be in pain. McCaw had given it half a paracetamol tablet in the past, but on this night, the dog snapped and bit him, said Mr Brown.
Sadly, the animal is no longer around, or it’d surely need vetinary treatment for food poisoning…
In what Mr Brown described as “quite a set of shocking circumstances”, he said that McCaw initially attempted to smother the dog, but it didn’t work, so he decided to stab it.
“The next morning, the children came down, but couldn’t find the dog. He told them it had died and had gone to doggy heaven.
“He didn’t even tell his partner and that appeared to be that. Then two days later the inspectors came knocking.”
And his ‘punishment’?
Jailing him for 18-weeks, magistrates’ also banned him from keeping animals for 20 years.
The kids..? Oh, I guess he can keep them.


Anonymous said...


The area where he lived in early post-War council housing, they are well built and have decent gardens. There are plenty of green spaces near by and the standard of living there is generally quite high. This is not the sort of area where stabbing a dog to death is tolerated, it is the sort of area where stabbing to death the scum who sadistically kills their own pet of ten years is tolerated.

The 'partner' and kids will remain in the area, however the useless bastard will have to be re-housed on completion of the sentence, as he will be unemployable the tax-payer will have to pick up the tag. Can someone suggest suicide to him? Save the rest of humanity having to provide for him until hopefully not too distant expiry.

SadButMadLad said...

A missed a bit.

"RSPCA inspector Louise Showering said: ... I can't imagine what this dog's final hours must have been like at the hands of someone she loved."

Well no we can't, it's a dog and we are humans.

John Pickworth said...

Its body was taken to Liverpool for a post-mortem. Going back to the house, they noticed numerous blood stains on table legs and a children’s toy box.

A section of lino had also been cut away and there was dried blood found on the remaining edge.

Woooo the full doggy CSI then?

It surely won't be long before the RSPCA adds the rank of Detective to their little group of Animal Coppers

James Higham said...

Inhumanity - lots of it going about of late.

JuliaM said...

"... it is the sort of area where stabbing to death the scum who sadistically kills their own pet of ten years is tolerated."

I can't think of a more deserved fate, frankly.

"Woooo the full doggy CSI then?"

I can see Horatio giving this the full 'sunglasses on' treatment!

"Inhumanity - lots of it going about of late."

It does have an 'end times' feel to it when you open the morning paper, sometimes, doesn't it?