Sunday 9 December 2012

This Vicar's Grown A Pair!

The Reverend John Wiseman probably thought he was doing God's work by discussing men's health issues on his blog.
But his decision to show men how to examine their privates using a suggestive snap of a man wearing just his boxer shorts outraged parishioners at Sketty Methodist Church, Swansea.
Why? Because we should think of the chiiilllldreeeennnn!
One longstanding parishioner, who did not wish to be named said: 'We understand he’s trying to get an important message across but we don’t need to see a suggestive picture of a man touching himself.
'Children can access the blog - it is inappropriate for a church minister to put this on the internet.'
Oh, for...! At least the Rev is not uttering some grovelling apology:
However the bearded Reverend was unrepentant about the posting, saying: 'I put the picture on the internet because testicular and prostate cancer are things that men in general don’t speak about.
'They wait until it is too late, by which time the available options are grossly reduced.'
 Good for you, Rev! And here's a 'more appropriate' picture for next year:


John Pickworth said...

"we don’t need to see a suggestive picture of a man touching himself"

No, you would ideally you would have something much more direct and explicit... like those easily available on YouTube or the various Channel4 body shows. And which, for the benefit of the parishioner without a clue, are also accessible by children.

Frankly, young teen boys are the beginning of the high risk age range for testicular cancer so I should hope children of this age are accessing this stuff.

Perhaps for Christmas the good Reverend might post some naked Christian imagery or some saucy Apostle foot kissing? Obviously though, with password access to prevent kiddies seeing the wicked stuff.

Tatty said...

Why put a picture at all ?

Do men need reminding they have bollocks, where they are and what they look like ?

Perhaps they could hand out free maps...funded by the taxpayer of course...showing local amenities such as cafes and train stations with a huge red arrow labelled "your bollocks are *here*"...


Don't get offended,'s only surreality that keeps me sane these days.

MTG said...

I could no more reject your map idea anymore than be so cruel as to dismiss your salacious optimism, Tatty. However, decades will have passed and your memory may require a significant prompt.

John Pickworth said...

Do men need reminding they have bollocks, where they are and what they look like ?

You do if you're married

James Higham said...

The problem, Julia, is not the goolies so much as the item drooping over them.

AndrewWS said...

He could always have posted that picture of the ex-Revd Chris Bryant MP in his underwear.