Friday 14 December 2012

Compare And Contrast, Part 237

Dangerous dog attack 1:
The PCSO from the Cray Valley West Safer Neighbourhood Team was on patrol in Rookery Gardens, St Mary Cray, at 12.15pm on December 5 when two terrier type animals ran out from an alleyway beside a house and began to attack her.
They bit her several times on her arms and legs, causing her to fall to the floor and continued even after she was on the ground.
The dogs were seized by officers and are now in a specialist animal unit.
The 32-year-old female owner of the dogs has been questioned by police for having dogs dangerously out of control in a public place and the animals will now be destroyed.
Dangerous dog attack 2:
Dean told the court Mrs Sage may not be certain whether it was his dog or his daughter’s who had bitten her.
He accepted that the dog he had taken from Mrs Sage after the incident was his, but he said the incident had happened some distance from where he retrieved his dog.
"I didn't see how it started,” he said.
"I think Mrs Sage was in complete chaos and pandemonium and was confused,” he said. He said he accepted he had let the dogs out of their kennel but said the only time they would be loose was when he cleaned the kennels twice a day.
"It was very unfortunate timing,” he said.
"I am not blaming Mrs Sage for their predicament. However, there were riderless horses running loose on my property. Some people were also shouting and waving sticks.
"I am not saying they deserved this. But they were responsible for letting the horses loose.”
Hmmm. What a difference, eh? I can't wait to see if there's any discernible difference between the woman's claims vs the police dog trainer's.

I guess he learned a few things while he sat in court listening to all the usual excuses...

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