Sunday, 13 October 2013

I'm Not Entirely Sure That Lord Tebbit Would Approve...

...but good on you, Mr Asher:
You may be more used to seeing him flying from building to building in Hollywood blockbusters. But Spider-Man will now be hitting the streets of Witney.
No. Not really:
He won’t be fighting the Green Goblin or Venom but will instead be ridding Witney homes of eight-legged creatures.
Hmmm. There's clearly a lot of this about*...
Richard Asher is taking up the role of professional spider catcher, in the guise of the Marvel Comics character.
Mr Asher has not been bitten by a radioactive spider like the comic character Peter Parker – but he got the idea for his off-beat new job by a joke in the pub one night.
Well, isn't that where the best ideas come from?
The 34-year-old said: “I am always catching spiders in my house and have always been the one that people come to get rid of them. So my friend said in the pub one night that I should take it up as a career.
Most people forget about things like that but I took it as more of a challenge and I ordered the costume.”
My admiration grows!
Mr Asher, originally from South Africa, said he was hoping to make a business from the “skill”. He said: “I work in a factory and the Teddy Bears of Witney shop but it doesn’t always make ends meet.“
He has two jobs already and wants another one? Why can't our latest generation with all their GCSEs think like this?
Mr Asher, who lives in Woodstock Road, Witney, said he will be on call 24/7.
“I only have a bike to get around on, so I won’t be able to go too far and not outside of Witney, but people can call me when they are in need.”
If you need Spider-Man, call 07986 369246.
Sadly, I don't live close enough, and since getting two Siamese killers I haven't even seen a spider in the house this autumn, but I wish you well, Mr Asher...

H/T: Jim Watford via Twitter


Tatty said...

Despite owning a couple of cats and dogs - and being extremely arachnobic myself - I became Chief-Boris-Catcher when my children were very small. A triumph of mothering instinct over fight or flight, I s'pose.

A mate of mine has a neighbour who owns a kimodo dragon called Ozzie. Ozzie likes to feast on the odd giant Boris. Watching that little display of natural selection is just awesome.

John Pickworth said...

I'd really like to pick this chap's scheme apart... but I'm not gonna.

Who knows. This time next year he might be a millionaire?

JuliaM said...

"Watching that little display of natural selection is just awesome."

If it were warmer (and we didn't have cats) I'd certainly keep a gecko for that purpose!

"Who knows. This time next year he might be a millionaire? "

He's certainly got a lot of enthusiasm...