Sunday, 6 October 2013

No, Wait, Don’t Tell Me….

…was alcohol involved?
The man arrived at his home in Goossens Close, Sutton, shortly after midnight last night only to realise he was locked out.
He decided the best course of action was to stack two wheelie bins on top of his car, climb them and get through his bathroom window.
The agile man managed to clamber up the two wheelie bins and got as far as the window ledge before realising he was too big to fit through the window.
His luck then got worse when his tower of wheelie bins collapsed leaving him stranded on the narrow ledge.
Firefighters from Sutton were called to the scene and brought the man down using ladder before sending a slimmer firefighter up and through the window to open the man's door and let him in.
They should bill him for the callout.


Rickie said...

2 wheelie bins on top of a car and clambering up them is one trick too far for a fat bloke like me, all credit to him because this was one serious bit of agility and problem solving expertise let down by a window.

A viral You Tube video missed, but perhaps a future staged video for you have been framed for £250

John Pickworth said...

I wonder if the circus orchestra playing on the garden woke the neighbours?

Tatty said...

Best laid plans come when you're one over the eight...we've all been there...

I once drunkenly weaved along the maze of back-alley walls to tap on my brother's window to open the front door. I then promptly fell off into mam's freshly planted flowerbed.

I spent the next morning ...with a massive hangover....listening to her ranting and raging about "that fucking cat !!!!"

Woman on a Raft said...

I promise this is true, but you would have to go to the pre-internet archives to verify it.

In Stoke on Trent a man rolled home drunk (no great surprise) and did not let himself in the usual way, probably due to having lost his key. He apparently decided to climb through the window to the toilet; a little window in the older-style houses which was often left open.

Not a risk as it was on the ground floor. He got halfway in, just up to his hips, and then either passed out or got stuck. At any rate, he did not cry out or was not heard if he did.

That night the temperature dropped well below freezing as it was January.

His sister found him next day when she came round as nobody answered the telephone. Dead, obviously, from hypothermia and with his backside and legs sticking out of the window.

JuliaM said...

"A viral You Tube video missed..."


"Best laid plans come when you're one over the eight...we've all been there.."

I've never been there, no...!

I hate heights, and that's sober.

"I promise this is true..."

It does indeed ring a bell. Pretty sure I've read it (or a story like it) in 'Fortean Times'.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX brought the man down using ladder XX

Pidgeon English. Are they employing street urchins from Bangeldesh again?