Friday, 4 October 2013

An Amnesty? Well, No-One’s Ever Tried That Before!

The devolution of Clacton (as chronicled by EssexHunter) continues:
Clacton councillor Graham Caines has called for a weapons amnesty following the latest violent incidents in the town.
One man was stabbed twice in the leg in Cambridge Road on Monday, while another man is in a serious condition after being stabbed in Skelmersdale Road on Tuesday.
And of course a weapons amnesty will help with that. After all, they've had lots of them in London and as a result no-one ever gets stabbed any more...

He said: “The fact is there are less (sic) police officers than ever on our streets and it seems like the number of attacks is always going up.
“I just can’t understand how the Government can justify cutting the funding for something as important as this.
“I work with the police a lot and they do a fantastic job. They do so much for the residents but their hands are tied because their manpower has been cut to the bare bones.”
Has it? Really? Yet it seems they can always turn up mob-handed to the slightest little thing...
“Perhaps it is time we had a knife amnesty to bring the situation to the forefront of everyone’s minds again. "
Perhaps it's time we had a chav amnesty instead? Turn 'em in to be melted down now, you know it makes sense!


Macheath said...

Perhaps they could start with this lot...

'A man arrested for carrying a knuckle-duster has escaped jail after claiming it was his mum’s.

Steve Lyttle-Byron, 22, of Aragon Close, Jaywick, was arrested with the weapon [..] He told officers the silver knuckle-duster belonged to his mother.'

Gazette, July 2012

Anonymous said...

A Constable friend of mine - he's not a bad chap really, even so - told me about his Sergeant who checked a plastic bin during a knife amnesty and was pleased and surprised at the growing collection of weapons. Then he arrived at the station with a downcast expression. Someone had broken into the bin and swiped the lot. To my tiny non-political mind I think it's perfectly reasonable to carry knives, swords or guns anyway. The political caste want us disarmed for the same reason a farmer cuts the horns off his cows - less risk to them.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Same reason as to why they always find a war to fight.

The last thing they want is a fully trained army sitting at home with nothing better to do than thhink about how shite the "Government" are.

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps they could start with this lot..."

Awww, how heart-warming, a family heirloom!

"Someone had broken into the bin and swiped the lot."


"The last thing they want is a fully trained army sitting at home with nothing better to do..."

How very true!

Anonymous said...

A chav Amnesty/ I don'tthink on:

Google the useless bag of meat and see how impotent the police and the CJ system is for 'local' matters

JuliaM said...

Amee, Leonie and Chelsea..? Gawd!

Anonymous said...

The Cyprus cash grab - money sent to the troops asap. Simple reason was to prevent a mutiny. Same with US when federal workers aren't being paid.