Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Sympathy Only Stretches So Far...

Blackburn magistrates heard Jasmine Astin shouted racist abuse at an Asian couple less than two days after she was handed a suspended prison sentence.
Jailing her for a total of 32 weeks, the magistrates said it was sad that she was before the court so soon but inevitable that she would go to prison.
For something that wasn't even a physical assault? I thought we were short of prison places...

Why did she do it? Was she a paid up EDL/BNP/Golden Dawn/(insert scary left-wing challenging group of your choice here) member?
Andrew Church-Taylor, defending, said Astin had been targeted by young Asian males who plied her with drink and drugs in return for sexual favours.
“She describes horrendous situations where as many as four men got in a car with her and abused her simply because they have provided her with drink,” said Mr Church-Taylor.
“The ethnicity of these men isn’t important. They are criminals, but to her it does matter and they are young Asian males. That is what is behind these recent offences."
Well, if every abused victim of Muslim grooming gangs is going to take to the streets and shout racist abuse, those jail cells are going to get a hell of a lot fuller...


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

said the Chairman. “The victims this time were in there own home minding their own business when you came along.”

Perhaps he did .. phonetically?

I'm tempted to suggest that the reporter's name is also mis-spelt if this is the best he can do.

Then again, perhaps I'm just becoming an old fart who picks on the failings of our lazy media who's spelling and grammar leaves so much to be desired .. maybe I should concentrate instead on the heinous crimes committed in these gripping tales of modern life? I shall just have to get the give-a-fuckometer serviced I think ;0p

Anonymous said...



Whose, dear boy, whose.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stories behind the young lady...


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

@Anon 12:54


People in glass houses ... *blushes*

Furor Teutonicus said...

So... what she shouted; "RACIST ABUSE!!!"

Or was their actually other words used?

And why shout "RACIST ABUSE!"

When a simple "FUCKING NIGGER BASTARD!" would do just as well?

Anonymous said...

Such well-lubricated intercourse is incomparable, Furor.
What is your secret?

Anonymous said...

I looked at the inter-active map of grooming gangs in the England. The North East seems to be a particular problem area. It is also staunchly Labour controlled.

I cannot help but think that these two factors are somehow linked.

After all, Labour Councillors did try to suppress a lot of what was going on.

I guess its a case of, vote Labour, get gang raped, if you live oop north.

John Pickworth said...

... targeted by young Asian males who plied her with drink and drugs in return for sexual favours.

Mine's a pint and a packet of fags... anyone?

xplod said...


good job I'd actually finished my glass of grog, else the bill for a new keyboard might be winging your way - priceless, though! Excellent

Diddum said...


I bet that made her jaw ache.

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps he did .. phonetically?"

I do wonder if that's the source of so many of these errors?

"Interesting stories behind the young lady..."

As Diddum points out, and unfortunate headline to that first one...

"I cannot help but think that these two factors are somehow linked."

Bad decision making clearly abound...

"Mine's a pint and a packet of fags... anyone?"