Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Two Forces...? Two!?!

The springer spaniel, which was carrying an injury, had unwittingly wondered (sic) onto the Bailey Bridge in Walton on Trent, and with police concerned for both the safety of the animal and passing motorists, sealed off the bridge.
But what may at first glance have seemed like a problem that would be quickly sorted, it was more than an hour before traffic was allowed to pass over the bridge again, with officers struggling to lure the dog from under a van, while awaiting the arrival of a warden to take it away.
A member of staff at the White Swan pub, in Main Street, who asked not to be named, said: “There was police everywhere and cars were being made to turn around.
“No-one seemed to know what was going on.” Rumours began to circulate on social network sites of a major incident in the sleepy village due to the length of time officers were at the scene.
Well, quite!
Derbyshire Police put the delay down to the fact that officers don’t deal with dogs, instead having to wait for a warden to arrive.

I just...
Staffordshire Police was on the scene directing traffic as the dog had ended up stuck under a van.”
Because no-one had a spare doughnut to tempt it out? I suppose we should at least be thankful they didn't deal with it as they did in Gloucester.
The bridge was finally reopened at 6.20pm after the dog was collected by the warden.
And if it'd been out of hours, I suppose it'd have been closed all night?


Anonymous said...

It just can't get any worse can it? Yeah......


Joe Public said...

"And if it'd been out of hours, I suppose it'd have been closed all night?"

Unless of course it was a Bank Holiday Weekend, when up to 3 days of gridlock could be enjoyed by all & sundry.

JuliaM said...


What have we co,me to when the police can't deal with a stray dog?