Thursday, 24 October 2013

Once Is Happenstance, Twice Is…Well, Just Scotland, Clearly!

Catherine, who also owns a German shepherd, said Sandy was attacked after he had a seizure while lying on a couch in the living room.
She explained: “I went to get the mail and went into my bedroom for about two minutes. I thought the German shepherd and Gizzmo were in the hall. That is when Sandy must have had his seizure.
“When I came out, I saw Gizzmo attacking Sandy. The dog grabbed hold of his neck near his voicebox and missed the artery on his neck by a ¬centimetre.
“I just ran over, grabbed Gizzmo and booted him away. Then I called the ambulance.”
Oh no! What an unforeseen…

Oh, wait:
Last August, the Record’s sister paper the Hamilton Advertiser told of claims Gizzmo ripped part of Sandy’s ear off as he had a fit.
But yesterday Catherine denied the dog attacked Sandy last year.
She said: “The dog has no history of doing this. I wouldn't have it if that had happened. I’d have had him put down.”


Ian Hills said...

When plotting to dispose of the disabled or the elderly, always remember - that's why the Liverpool Care Pathway was invented. Catherine should simply have booked her partner into the local NHS camp (motto "Arbeit macht frei") as soon as he had another epileptic fit.

He could have been taken to the fake shower block before he came round "in his own best interests", and she would now be enjoying her winnings from the life insurance policy as the thick, greasy black smoke ascended.

ivan said...

All dogs react to pheromones given off by humans. Some breeds react in unpredictable ways depending on the human activity.

In this case it appears that there was an excitable dog reacting to try and stop that which was causing it problems - case closed. To stop it happening again either remove the dog or the person, Q.E.D.