Thursday, 10 October 2013

If There’s No ‘Joint Enterprise’ For Dogs, There Should Be…

The owners of two dogs which were part of pack that mauled a grandmother to death are fighting to
…get the images out of their mind?
save their animals from being destroyed.
Her injuries were so severe that one of her arms was almost severed in the attack.
Who’d want to take the chance?
A French mastiff called Yogi and bulldogs Missy and Lemmie, have already been humanely destroyed by lethal injection.
But Dylan Mason, 44, who owns mastiff Ranger, and his friend Caterina Azzoni, whose mongrel Pepita is also said to have been part of the pack, claim that their pets were not directly involved.
Well, isn’t there any forensics? Let’s ask the kennel warden:
He explained that all the dogs were examined upon being admitted but he didn’t notice any blood on Pepita. He said that may have been because she was a long-haired dog.
But when he showered Pepita the next day on October 31, he said that blood ran off her coat. He said: 'As the blood comes off the coat, it runs off and is running off what I would say is blood red.
'In my opinion it was blood. I don’t recall seeing as much blood on any dog I have washed before.'
Case closed. Lethal injection for the dogs and the owners.

Oh, wait!
Pepita and Ranger have been reportedly homed in Met-approved kennels since the incident - which has a cost £15 per dog per day.
Hold off on the owners for now. First, bill them for every single penny that this has cost…

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