Monday, 14 October 2013

He’s An Accomplished Something, Alright…

May’s lawyer, Richard Stevens, asked the court not to jail his client, explaining: “This project is likely to lead to future projects involving the defendant, who is clearly an accomplished artist.
“c2c is in the middle of negotiations for other work and the defendant is likely to work on the new project.”
Great! Having an incorrigible jailbird and junkie alongside your schoolkids must make the risk assessor's job an absolute nightmare. They do tell the parents, right..?
Judge John Lodge fined him £100 and ordered him to pay £360 costs and a £40 victim surcharge.
The judge told him: “Next time it will be your last, last chance.”
Are you sure? I mean, is that your final, final word?


John Pickworth said...

“Next time it will be your last, last chance.”

Next time?

CJ Nerd said...

And the time after that will be his penultimate last chance.

JuliaM said...