Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Identity Politics Crowd Make An Arse Of Themselves

Fashion magazine Vogue has attracted criticism for an article published online last week discussing …
God, I shudder to think…
… the rise of the big booty.
*nonplussed face*
In the article written by Patricia Garcia and entitled "We're Officially in the Era of the Big Booty" the magazine argues that a large derriere has become ubiquitous. Garcia uses examples including Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, Rose McGowan and Kim Kardashian to demonstrate the popularity of big behinds.
And just why is that controversial? Well, because they are all white.

No, I can’t quite figure that out either, but it somehow offends ‘diversity’.
The feature immediately sparked criticism for supposedly being out of touch with popular culture and ignoring cultural diversity by focusing predominately on white celebrities. Critics argue that the feature ignores the history of larger bottoms and focuses on the trend as it has emerged in recent years on white woman.
Oh, I see now. Allow me to translate: “Boo hoo!” No-one cared when black people loved fat bottoms, now white people are into it and it’s JUST …. NOT….FAAAAAAAIIIIIR!”


Furor Teutonicus said...

Since when did "Booty" refer to arse?

ivan said...

I suppose this now requires Vogue to cover it because of the increase on fat wimmin with fat arses.

I have yet to be convinced that having a fat arse that hangs over the sides of a chair is anything to aspire to - even for the Z list slabs that might have the excuse of trying to be 'different' and so stand out among the mediocrity

Bucko said...

Kim Whatsername is white? Shiiit!

Anonymous said...


Kim Whatsername I believe is a hobbit and you don't get more diverse than that.

Woman on a Raft said...

It is probably best not to google 'big black bums' in an effort to quantify the popularity of the subject over time.

Ed P said...

Why would anyone want to have a fat ass? It's not attractive, it's harder to get the good bits together and, whisper it softly, there's an increased risk of sweaty stenches.

JuliaM said...

"Since when did "Booty" refer to arse?"

Since we were invaded by US black kultchure, FT...

"Kim Whatsername is white? Shiiit!"


"It is probably best not to google 'big black bums'..."

Important safety tip!

"...and, whisper it softly, there's an increased risk of sweaty stenches."