Monday, 22 September 2014

There’s Gratitude For Us…

A former child soldier in the Libyan army has been…
Honoured with a ‘Good Citizen’ award?
… jailed for stabbing a teenager in a New Malden park.
But it was OK, because the victim was a scumbag too!
"The victim is a man of some reputation in the area as being from a gang."
Oh, well, it’s not like he has a street na…

Four days later he carved the first initial of his street name on to the body of a man who had been beaten unconscious.
Recorder Reid said: "That's a disturbing incident which casts worry over your future behaviour.
"Knives are a menace. You are very lucky, as is your victim [in] that he did not die.
"It's time for you to grow up and realise the consequences of your actions. Choose your friends and your activities more wisely than you have been.
"You are unlikely ever to be tried as leniently as you have been today. You are 18, you are a man. In the future you will be tried as the man that you are."
Elmaarfi was sentenced to 18 months in jail for unlawful wounding and nine months for possessing an offensive weapon, to run concurrently.
‘Unlikely ever to be tried as leniently’..?



Anonymous said...

Julia,If only you were allowed to sit in on a police daily briefing or have a look round our intelligence unit you would realise how "vibrant" London is.


Clarissa said...

"Knives are a menace."

Assuming the paper has reported Recorder Reid's words correctly then Record Reid is a menace. A menace to the English language.

A knife is an inanimate object thus cannot be a menace. The menace comes from a human being using one in such a way to threaten or harm another human being.

Anonymous said...

What about the 10 years for tattooing without a licence?

Anonymous said...

Jaded, we've all sat through Crimewatch playing 'Where's Whitey'.

Anonymous said...


How about deporting the fucker, the country would be a slightly better place. Come to a new country for a better life and make your new home as shit as the one you have just left.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see the hilarious episode of Extras where a black actor was moaning about the lack of acting jobs-and Maggie (Scottish extra) said "what about Crimewatch reconstructions?". Cringingly funny.

Anonymous said...

I just do not have the words.
John Gibson

JuliaM said...

"Julia,If only you were allowed to sit in on a police daily briefing or have a look round our intelligence unit..."

Tempting thought.. ;)

"A menace to the English language."