Friday, 26 September 2014

Best Christmas Present EVER!!!

A major children’s charity being kept afloat by celebrity philanthropists including JK Rowling and Coldplay faces closure unless the government steps in with significant funding, its founder warned today.
Oh? Which one?
Camila Batmanghelidjh, 51, said Kids Company, which supports 36,000 vulnerable children in London, Bristol and Liverpool, will not survive beyond Christmas without the funds.
*fireworks, champagne corks, heavenly choir*
She said the government had to do more to help the charity, which has four centres and a therapy house in London and offers therapeutic and social work services in over 40 schools.
Newsflash – ‘the government’ doesn’t have any money. We, the taxpayer, have it, until it’s taken off us by force to pay for things 'of benefit to society'.

And keeping you in canapés and cocktails ain’t meeting my definition of ‘things of benefit to society’.

Not by a long chalk.


Unknown said...

I reckon her real name is just Camila Ghelidjh, she just really loves Batman.

Ian Hills said...

Wikipedia says the charity helps "the most deprived and at risk whose parents are unable to care for them due to their own practical and emotional challenges."

So what's wrong with prison?

Anonymous said...

I suppose Rotherham pushed them over the financial cliff ?

Anonymous said...

If lefties want to fund it, fine.
But it's a bleeding charity FFS, it should be funded by donations from anywhere except the public purse.

Anonymous said...

Another fake charity by the sounds of it if they can't subsist on donations from those who give a damn.

andy5759 said...

KidsCompany only poked it's head above my horizon because I printed a lot of their stuff. There was none of the usual cutting of corners to cut costs. Prominent designers, on top of that my employer was not cheap. Having said that, they do seem to make a difference, according to the self serving shite we printed.

Anonymous said...

She might drop a couple of dress sizes.

ivan said...

First thing - all executives to take a 75% pay cut and no bonuses. This should keep them going in the foreseeable future but to help things along all those executives should do at least three days a week of tin rattling in the high street.

JuliaM said...

"...she just really loves Batman."


"So what's wrong with prison?"

It's where they belong.

"There was none of the usual cutting of corners to cut costs. "

Profligacy? Gosh!

Who'd have thought it, looking at their founder?

"First thing - all executives to take a 75% pay cut and no bonuses. "

How would she afford curtain material for dresses?!??

Anonymouslemming said...

Kids Company struggling ? I wouldn't have guessed based on the huge fully catered dragon boat event their staff were at the other day.