Friday, 5 September 2014

"Keep Calm & Carry On, People..."

" was 'only' another lunatic on the loose, and not anything terror-related (though we scrambled everything we had, just in case)":
DCI John Sandlin, who is leading the investigation, said: "This was a highly visible attack in broad daylight on a residential street. I can understand why this may cause people concern. However, we are confident that we are not looking for anyone else at this stage. While it is too early to speculate on what the motive behind this attack was, I am confident, based on the information currently available to me, that it is not terrorist-related.
The Met added: "A 25-year-old man was detained by firearms officers near the scene of the incident. He was arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in custody.One firearms officer was injured during the course of the arrest, believed to be suffering from a broken wrist A Taser was discharged by officers."
In yet another example of the twisted priorities of our society (I'll leave it to Mark Wadsworth to highlight the twisted priorities of the MSM..!), we have this:
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have also been informed after the man was injured during the arrest.
You couldn't make it up.

But while we all breathe a sigh of relief that this is not terrorism, are we not going to wonder if 'terrorism' isn't the accurate word to describe a public sector that prioritises the rights of the floridly psychotic to wander around free over the rights of 82 year old widows to garden in safety?


Anonymous said...

It's only common or garden death by nutter, probably well known to the mental authorities, possibly recently discharged. They're ten a penny, Julia. Move along nothing to see here but as caring cops we regret injury to a member of a victim group.

Robert the Biker said...

The motive is that this piece of crap is yet another convert to islame and therefore a shitbox by definition.I do hope that this woman has relatives who will both put bounty on this turd and burn down the mosque that converted him. Until there is a cost for these twats, it will get worse.

Anonymous said...

Rotherham,Rotherham, Rotherham. What are these police doing about Rotherham instead of arresting this madman?

andy5759 said...

Two news items, the incident above, and the case of a knife wielder shot to death. Chalk and cheese responses.

JuliaM said...

"The motive is that this piece of crap is yet another convert to islam..."

Maybe that had a bearing, maybe not.

I guess we'll know at the trial, when I expect to heat those old favourite 'lessons to be learned' and 'guidelines have been issued'...

"Chalk and cheese responses."

And don't forget Woolwich, where Dead Eye Dick suddenly because Elmer Fudd...