Monday, 22 September 2014

Exhibitionist Complains About Exposure…

White Dee, the star of Benefits Street and Celebrity Big Brother, has moved away from the home made famous by the Channel 4 documentary series after her children suffered racial abuse online.
I’m not sure how changing your physical address helps with online abuse, but then I’m not a dolescrounger who’s appeared on CBB, I guess …
Her manager, Barry Thomas (Ed: Seriously..? FFS!), confirmed to the Huffington Post UK that she had relocated from her house on James Turner Street in Birmingham to a new residence in the city.
"It just got a bit silly," he said. "The abuse has got bigger and bigger. She's been getting quite a lot of hateful stuff on Twitter, and it's clearly going to get a lot worse."
The abuse ‘got bigger’? How? Did they start typing it in all caps?
Thomas went on to tell the publication that while White Dee is currently staying in a "secret bolthole", she doesn’t plan to leave James Turner Street permanently.
"I did try and get her to move five months ago, and told her it would only get worse," he said.
"But she didn't want to - she loves the street. Dee is Dee, she loves sitting on that front wall having a fag and drinking a cup of tea, talking to people."
Well, it beats working…
"We've had people throw eggs at the house, and there's been a brick thrown on one occasion when she was here doing an interview.
"It's just the small proportion of nut-jobs and idiots – 90 per cent of people love her."
Hurrah! I’m finally one of the 10%!


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Didn't Fungi leave the street as well?

I liked Fungi, I actually quite liked White Dee too - lots of people criticised them for their lifestyle but all they are doing is exploiting a hopelessly inefficient benefits system - the system that talks about monitoring and sniffing out fraud but does f*ckall to really get people into work and just keeps ticking the box for the next payment (I speak from experience although it's 20 odd years ago)

Bucko said...

And she didn't think to turn the Twitter off?

I bet she did, but there's no publicity in that.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX she had relocated from her house on James Turner Street in Birmingham to a new residence in the city. XX

Call it what it is, a MOONLIGHT FLIP!

Anonymous said...


Why a brick when a hand grenade would be much more effective

andy5759 said...

? Who? What? Have I missed something? Whatever happened to the workhouse? Are there too many question marks? Is there no answer!

JuliaM said...

"Didn't Fungi leave the street as well?"

Happy to say I never saw an episode. My blood pressure couldn't take it...

"And she didn't think to turn the Twitter off?"


"Whatever happened to the workhouse?"

People decided they'd rather not work. And we listened to 'em!