Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Insanity Of The Benefit Culture Crowd…

Superintendent Knowles said: "Nothing will give the families who lost loved ones closure but I think a community can go to sleep tonight with the thought that the person we believe may be responsible is in custody."
Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, one witness reported seeing a worker from the Cass Street office run after the shooter, yelling: “You b*****d, you’ve blown her to bits.”
Could you expect some sympathy for the victims? Reader, you could not…
MyOpinionFolks 16 hours ago
Quick, legalise firearms for the jobless in the UK! I am not suggesting a potential target but I thought the video was relevant to the topic of joblessness being made to suffer by the likes of IDS.
bazzer10 16 hours ago
Watch out DWP staff! and IDS!
gaz1963 16 hours ago judging by the amount of the security guards they have these days. i suspect they are watching out
BadPutty 17 hours ago
I have wondered for sometime now when the first job centre plus advisor is murdered, because they have driven the jobless to the limit & beyond.
Leslie Graham 20 hours ago
The attacks on the poor in the UK are getting to be so blatant and appalling that I fully expect there to be similar fightbacks against the representatives of what is becoming a police state. People will only take so much and the wealth distibution is aproaching the levels of disparity that existed just prior to the French Revolution. And we all know how that ended for the oppressors.
Ah, the world of the Internet – where murdering random office workers with a gun is considered ‘fightback’ and where the ‘oppressors’ are those who are suggesting that maybe sucking at the teats of the taxpayer for life might not be sustainable…

And then there are those who are happy to excuse any atrocity committed by the deranged:
Ashley Smith 4 hours ago What a lot of ill-informed comments about Tully. Why are so many people prepared to be judgemental about a man who is mentally ill. Check your facts and then look at the brutal policies this country has borrowed from UK. It's a ghastly tragedy. NZ has a terrible record of using the penal system to store its mentally ill.
We shouldn’t be ‘judgemental’ about a man who slaughtered an unarmed woman?


Twenty Rothmans said...

I am more than happy to grant firearms to people like this.

As long as they are incarcerated in a labour camp of my design, of course.

It will be educational to learn how long it will be before some find it easier to steal somebody else's food than work for their own.

Just as it is outside the camp.

Lord T said...

The innocents always suffer in war.

The state pushes and prods through these people. When the people snap, they don't see the people that made the policies they see these people enforcing them and in many cases unreasonably. Not everyone has been on the social for decades, many have paid in for decades and now it is them needing a handout they have to jump through hoops and become a slave to get back a fraction of what they paid in. So they strike out.

The people that make the policies surround themselves with armed plod against an unarmed population so all these people have is to attach the flunkies. Look at the people oppressed all around the world. The politicians oppress them by proxy and so the proxy is an extension of that oppression. It's wrong but what else can they do?

Voting doesn't help you know that. Campaigning doesn't help we know that but we also know from the IRA, Libya, Iraq, Hamas, etc. that violence works. It is the final step in negotiation and is so powerful that the state demands a monopoly on its use.

So do I agree with what is going on? No. Do I understand it? Yes. I'm sorry to say I do.

Ted Treen said...

Lord T,

Can't really add anything to what you have said - the élite have always wanted an unarmed population who are easier to control.

You have however, expressed it eloquently & succinctly.

I'd buy you a pint, were it possible.

Anonymous said...

I'd better not take over then. I think that Ayn Rand's philosophy, as laid out in Atlas Shrugged is the tight way to go. For those who haven't read the book, I would sum it up as

1) Take responsibility for your own actions,

2) Deal with the consequences of your actions yourself, and

3) Anyone who takes anything from the producers of wealth is either a mugger or a moocher.

JuliaM said...

" Not everyone has been on the social for decades, many have paid in for decades and now it is them needing a handout they have to jump through hoops and become a slave to get back a fraction of what they paid in. "

Which may well not be the case here...

The trial will be interesting.