Friday, 19 September 2014

Storm In A Pint Glass!

The Jolly Brewer displayed a blackboard which said: “Men no shirt, no service. Women no shirt, free beer.”
A little feeble, but it raised a smile. Not, of course, with everyone
The landlord and landlady at the pub on Ditchling Road, Brighton, say although the sign was purely intended to make customers chuckle, they have been forced to take it down after complaints the wording was “offensive.”
‘Forced’..? It doesn’t say by whom, or even who would have the power to do so.

But then, I guess maybe there really is no such thing as bad publicity?
Amy Phipps, 29, of Preston Circus, said she witnessed 40-year-old men laughing and jeering at the wording when she saw the sign.
She said: “It’s just offensive and derogatory. There are schools near here, it worries me young girls and children could see it and think it’s acceptable to objectify women. Sadly these comments are common but it’s shocking when it’s right in front of you.”
*rolls eyes*
Gary Hills, partner to landlady Nicky Hills, said the complaints were from “very sad people” and claimed the phrase was a well-known joke featured on a website which suggests funny anecdotes for pub signs.
He said: “We put a new one out each week to make people laugh. The landlady picked it, so she doesn’t mind. We’ve taken it down now but we just can’t believe this has happened. It was just a joke and everyone we have spoken to thought it was funny. We saw people take pictures, smiling as they walked past.”
Not everyone, clearly.
Angela Upton said: “It’s a joke just for men who are misogynistic and are unlikely to treat women with the respect they deserve.”
I always thought respect should be earned…
A 23-year-old male staff member at Corner News And Booze, on Upper Hollingdean Road, said: “It’s not offensive. There are more important things to worry about.”
And a 58-year-old resident of nearby Nettledon and Dudeney flats, said: “It’s a joke. There are other things that go on in our area which are more offensive.”
Indeed so. But I suspect the likes of Angela and Amy would really rather not challenge those, for fear of the consequences…


Anonymous said...

Last summer, a local pub had a sign saying "Free drinks to topless women" followed by "To keep within sex equality laws, also applies to bottomless men".
It was surprising what some people would do to get a free drink!

DavefromTacoma said...

Best sign I've ever seen in a bar:

Liquor in the front
Poker in the rear

John Pickworth said...

Who on earth uses a phrase like 'objectify women' in everyday speech... unless you're walking around with an agenda?

Oh, apparently Amy Phipps does.

The same Miss Amy Phipps that describes herself on Twitter and Blogger as; "I am a designer, crafter, author, teacher and blogger and newly vegan lifestyle enthusiast with a love of colour, cooking and a boot fair bargain."

And when she says teacher, she doesn't mean the real sort... no, she means the teaching of creative workshops and craft parties sort. Hashtag Hippy.

So yeah, the pub probably was 'forced' the remove their sign. You no longer need a badge of office to do this; a narrow mind and a loud whiny voice will do.

On a personal note: My apologies for a long absence from here and elsewhere. Been hugely busy with work this year. Only had three days off and one of those was Xmas Day.

JuliaM said...

"It was surprising what some people would do to get a free drink!"


"Best sign I've ever seen in a bar:"

Oh, superb!

"Been hugely busy with work this year. Only had three days off and one of those was Xmas Day."

No need for apologies. Glad to see you back :)

And being busy beats the alternative!