Friday, 12 September 2014

Man Bites Dog...

Luke Shearer, aged 26, of Toll Bar End, Coventry, told how he stabbed the vicious animal with garden blades repeatedly in an attempt to get the attacking Staffordshire bull terrier to release its grip from their three-year-old husky Sky.
Despite its wounds, the Staffie refused to let go until Luke wrestled the dog away by biting the animal on the head.
A clue as to what sort of owners we're talking about here:
The incident happened less than 100metres from Chace Avenue Police Station, in Oratory Drive, after the animal had broken free while being walked by two children.
And also about what sort of area...
Luke also said people in the area stood and filmed on their phones rather than helping.
“What world are we living in where they stand there and film rather than phoning for help? It’s irresponsible.”
It's the world of 'No Consequences', and also the world of 'No Urgency':
“Luke’s cracking up because of what he had to do to that dog. The police need to find the owners..”
A spokesman for West Midlands Police said police were trying to trace the owner as a criminal offence may have been committed by allowing the dog off the lead.
Ya think..?!?


Lord T said...

It's also the world of 'There are Consequences to getting involved'. It is a lottery now on if you get prosecuted for animal cruelty yourself for denying the dog it's basic rights.

Personally, I'd only get involved now if it was someone I know or a kid in circumstances like that. And I'd have taken something lethal to the fight. Must have been a brick or something around.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Staffies are relentless when they set their mind/teeth to a 'focus'. I come from a part of the world where these dogs hail from. Great dogs with people. I'd trust them with my infant son unless he was smeared with bacon grease. But responsible owners know not let them off the lead, especially where there are other dogs. My uncle Eric kept a few staffies and always carried a sawn off broom handle. If old 'Bruno' attacked another dog, Eric would shove the instrument up the dog's arse and old Bruno would cease activities with alacrity. Shouting at him to desist didn't have the same impact, somehow. Good man my uncle Eric.

John M said...

Tip for Luke next time :

Approach the staffie from behind and above, lean over, and grab one fraont leg with each hand either side.

Pull both legs outwards and upwards. You will kill it stone dead where it stands as the breatplate punctures the heart.

Don't sod about next time. Do it properly.

JuliaM said...

"It's also the world of 'There are Consequences to getting involved'."

Sadly true.. :/

"But responsible owners know not let them off the lead"

Unfortunately, they are a rare breed, unlike Staffies.

"Don't sod about next time. Do it properly."

I thought that was an urban myth!