Wednesday 6 May 2015

Dirty Hippies In ‘Drugs Are Bad, M’Kay?’ Shocker!

No, no. Not bad for those reasons, silly!
Seemingly objecting most to the silver canisters left behind by users of the legal high, Liz Eliot, the co-ordinator of Glastonbury’s Green Fields, wrote a statement for music fans warning that nitrous oxide is also nearly 300 times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.
The message, which she posted online, says that Glastonbury “has become known as a place where people take nitrous oxide, a damaging drug which pollutes our beautiful field with noise, litter and N20 gas”.
Two tonnes of empty canisters were reportedly picked up in the aftermath of Glastonbury 2014, an apparently unacceptable state of affairs for those who see the King's Meadow area, which is also known as the Stone Circle, as a spiritually important location.
Well. My flabber is now officially ghasted.


Ian B said...

It is little recognised that there were two competing types of hippie- the sex n drugs ones and the puritan ones (brown rice, your body is a temple).

Guess which side won?

Brightside Bob said...

"which is also known as the Stone Circle,"

Stoned Circle, shirley...

JuliaM said...

"Guess which side won?"

The side that didn't handicap themselves..? ;)

"Stoned Circle, shirley..."