Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Horror, The Horror…

Racist graffiti scrawled across the seafront at Thorpe Bay has shocked residents and visitors alike.
Shocked, they are. Shocked!
The unknown graffiti artist has covered a tram shelter, posters and a popular viewpoint with racist symbols, scribbled in black marker.
A Nazi swastika has been drawn across the face of a poster advertising a Charley Pride gig at Westcliff’s Cliffs Pavilion, and the neo-Nazi white power symbol can be seen on the tram shelter near Thorpe Hall Avenue.
Oh, the humanity! Surely such a calamity has never before fallen on this beautiful part of the Essex coast?
Bob Craven, chairman of the Tram Stop Shelter charity, said: “Any graffiti that has anything racist or homophobic is totally unacceptable to us.
“As an organisation, we welcome all groups of people without exception. Any graffiti on the shelter is one piece too many, but I find this quite appalling.”
Yes! This isn’t just any graffiti, this is racist graffiti! The official Worst Thing In The World™.
A passerby, who did not wish to be named, photographed the graffiti.
He said: “I’m on a break from East London and it was a nasty shock to see such graffiti.
“It is appalling, but I know it is not representative of the Southend area, and such views have no place in 2015.”
Gosh! Well, that explains it. Coming from East London, he’ll be totally unfamiliar with graffiti…
Steve Goodsell, manager for education charity Show Racism the Red Card’s southern branch, based in Southend, said: “Unfortunately there is still a minority of these racist views out there and the people who did it may not really believe these things. They are just trying to make a shock statement, or it could be linked to the run-up to the election.
“We do not tolerate it. We abhor it and I know most right-minded people in Southend feel the same way, and long may that be the case.
“We would like to find out who these people are and put them in a room with some of our educators who are ex-footballers who have experienced racism. We are not here to lecture, but we want to challenge their opinions.”
And…how do you plan to do that, other than by lecturing? Or, more accurately, hectoring?
Essex Police confirmed they are investigating the incident and ask for anyone with information to call them on 101.
Well, I’m quite sure the residents of Thorpe Bay will sleep much more soundly knowing that Essex Police are on the case…


Curmudgeon said...

Meanwhile, burglaries go uninvestigated in Thorpe Bay...

Anonymous said...

Theresa May's reappointment at the warren entrance, has alarmed its doughnut-eating occupants.

'Our present workload, which includes advice on how to protect your lawnmower from Summer thieves (honest guv), is being supplemented by zero tolerance to politically-aggravated garden thefts.

Anonymous said...

I think his lawnmower was stolen as a warning from the spooks to keep him quiet.
Lawnmower one day,brake pipes cut the next?

Anonymous said...

On a good day, Jaded is almost as fresh as the food adorning her uniform.

andy5759 said...

I rather enjoy brushing sugar off WPC uniforms. Vigorously.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are as cutting as your lawnmower used to be Melvin...

JuliaM said...

"Meanwhile, burglaries go uninvestigated in Thorpe Bay..."

Yup :/