Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quote Of The Month: Special Election Edition

David Duff makes some predictions for Cameron:
As to the rest, Dave needs to reinforce the efforts Alan Duncan-Smith and his team as they press home their changes to our corrupting welfare system. It was their efforts which, I suspect, brought in a lot of non-Tory sympathisers inside the privacy of the voting booths. He needs to get rid of that silly woman who took over from the excellent Michael Gove at Education. She is half-hearted at best and seems incapable of taking on the educational 'blob' made up of unions and bureaucrats. I would like to see Said Javid moved in there. He, I believe, or at least I hope, will be a future leader of the Tory party. Immigration will also require a tough operator capable of ramming things down the civil servants' throats and with a team beneath him who can ensure that orders are actually carried out!


Anonymous said...

Alan Duncan Smith? Is that the little known brother of Ian Duncan Smith?

Anonymous said...

Or Iain even.

andy5759 said...

Just a cursory glance at the leadership candidates on Planet Labour I reckon the Tories are on a winner next time around. I feel rather sorry for the LibDems, they have been savagely treated for doing the right thing. As political martyrs go, the LibDems top the list.

JuliaM said...

Well spotted!