Monday, 11 May 2015

Such A Tragedy And A Mystery…Or Is It?

The family of a man who died after falling from a roof have spoken of their heartbreak and shock at his death.
Labourer Christopher Windiate, aged 52, was rushed to hospital shortly after 9.30am after he fell from the roof of a disused barn at Court Farm, Hindlip Lane, Hindlip, last Wednesday (April 22). Despite the efforts of ambulance crews and medics, Mr Windiate suffered a "significant head injury" and cardiac arrest, and despite treatment he died in Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Sophie Windiate, one of Mr Windiate's children, said his death "still doesn't seem real". She said: "It was such a shock to me. Not having a text or phone call daily from dad is strange. I want to thank him for everything he did for me and my son, Kayden. If he wasn't helping someone he was winding someone up. He will be missed by all of us.
"He lived in Worcester his whole life, he went to Samuel Southall Secondary School. Dad liked gardening but working was his main hobby. He loved his motorbike — that was his life. He liked going out for meals, to bingo, to car boot sales and markets. He also loved spending time with his kids, grandkids and the rest of his family.
"We love him lots and will miss him always."
A puzzle. A much loved family man is dead, and the newspaper offers no background. Thanks to the comment section, however....
Gareth Walters, defending, hoped Windiate's guilty plea would bring some relief to the victim. Alcohol and bereavement had led to the offence and he wanted help to stop the same situation occurring again in the future.
Well, I think he’s achieved that now.


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How strange, comments appear to have disappeared....

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A merciful release?

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"How strange, comments appear to have disappeared...."

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