Saturday, 2 May 2015

“How Dare He Believe He - A Mere Man - Has Rights!”

A widely publicised course educating young footballers on issues around sexual consent has been condemned by groups working with rape victims…
Wait, what? Condemned..?

How come?
… after it emerged one of its co-founders is also making the case for Ched Evans’ right to overturn his rape conviction.

These people are seriously deranged, if they think that their outrage trumps anyone’s rights to use the legal means available to them.

Deranged, and dangerous.
(Polly) Neate (Women’s Aid chief executive) said the blurb for the Prevent Inform Protect training by Liberton Investigations, which has been employed by Brighton to offer the course to their academy members, also appeared to be guilty of “victim blaming” .
Really, Polly? Really? Care to elaborate?
“The course content refers to footballers as having ‘unique vulnerability to allegations of unwanted sexual activity’ and refers to ‘the dream of some young females to be romantically linked to sportsmen and in particular footballers’, which is victim-blaming…” she said.
Or, as we in the non-feministmoonbat world call it, ‘harsh reality.

Yes, young footballers are indeed a catch for the minimally-talented young party girl who has to capitalise on her looks before they fade. As are young pop stars. This has been the case since time immemorial.
Once alerted to the criticism, Liberton said it would take down the material from its website and reword it. “The PIP programme provides consent education to cause people to take responsibility to ensure they always have full and true consent. We will happily work with the objective of prevention with any groups in a constructive dialogue should they wish to contact us. The whole objective of PIP is prevention.”
Christ, Liberton, did you learn nothing from the ProteinWorld case (before the ASA disgracefully caved to pressure groups)?

If you give an inch to these people, they will demand more and more and more. They are a tiny minority who punch far, far above their weight and importance. They are pygmies with megaphones. 

Trust your customers. If they are happy, that’s all that matters.


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