Wednesday 20 May 2015

These People Are Deranged…

Another uncontrollable American Bulldog turns on its owner:
Officers contained the animal in a garden in Lannett Road at about 1.50pm after the dog attacked the owner after he tried to put his collar back on, a Gloucestershire Police spokesman said.
Police failed to stun the dog, an American bulldog, with a taser and were forced to kill it.
And are the public thankful that another dangerous dog has been dealt with by the police?

Reader, they are not…
Writing on The Citizen's Facebook page, Shelley Kaminsky said: "Poor dog he looks beautiful and such a horrible way to go poor thing must have been terrified.
"I have owed big dogs all my life eg great Danes and Rottweiler s and can't see any reasonable reason why if was a family dog for ten years would turn on his owner a grown adult especially.
"All I can say is thought s with owner as can't be nice for him must be distraught as dogs are family."
If my brother turns on me and starts ripping my arm to shreds, Shelley, I'd rather like the police to shoot him. Family or not!
Annabel Bennett wrote: "Really sad whatever happened.... it must be heartbreaking to have your dog shot in front of you."
Not when it's severing your brachial artery, love...
Dan Evans wrote: "Are we going to be in a situation where we have to hide our dogs?
"Why the hell would the police have needed to kill the poor thing, worries me as to how the onus is always on the dog.
"There is no such thing as a bad dog, they are products of their environment (behaviourally speaking). If you're nice and responsible with your dog, then all is good, if you abuse the poor thing (God knows why anyone would abuse dogs) then they will not react well to 'normal' situations."
Once more, I’m reminded that so many self-professed ‘animal lovers’ are merely human haters…


James Higham said...

No such thing as a bad Ferguson rioter, no such think as a south London looter, no such thing as Lee Rigby's killer, no such thing as travelelrs camping on other people's property.

It's all down to their childhoods.

JuliaM said...