Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Next Time, Pretend It’s A Cow…

…and call an ARV to shoot the bloody thing*. Get them to take out a few of these bystanders too:
Mrs Blackmore said the officers were verbally abused by members of the public while they attempted to deal with the dog, reporting shouts of “scum” and “I hope it bites your face off.”
Lovely people. Lovely
Magistrates sentenced Barker to 40 hours unpaid work and ordered her to pay £200 compensation to each officer.
She was also ordered to pay £320 court costs and a £60 victim surcharge.
Which seems pretty light for owning a dangerous dog that attacked someone else’s animal and injured two police officers. Is she grateful?

Well, reader, this is Liverpool:
Speaking after the case, Barker told the Echo that she disagreed with the police’s version of events and is planning to lodge a formal complaint.
Christ! Not for nothing is this place called Self Pity City…

*H/T: Ivan Turner via email


MTG said...

I am not so readily tempted to disregard the reactions of scene witnesses...which in this case appear to contradict police versions. I am also mindful that these plod accounts tend to be 'flavoured' by subsequent extravagant claims for compensation.

Your long experience of police 'evidence' and magistrate performance should make you all the wiser...but what you choose to believe is your affair, Julia.

patently said...

Joanne Barker??

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And who do we all think will end up paying that "compensation" - if it's ever paid at all, that is...

Anonymous said...

Melvin must know these witnesses personally as he is vouching for their honesty and integrity!! I wonder how many turned up to give evidence on her behalf? Let's guess and say absolutely none.
I'm sure the police officers bit themselves to fit up a woman with no previous convictions.

MTG said...

'...he is vouching for their honesty and integrity.'

The meaning of my undemanding comment should shine through by pointing and saying each word aloud, and no faster than Jill and John pace please, Jaded.

Anonymous said...

MEDS MELVIN ! Take them now! What happened to you all that time ago? Why are you so damaged? Nursey come soon for you.

JuliaM said...

"..which in this case appear to contradict police versions."

And who wouldn't believe a scouser?

"Joanne Barker??"


"And who do we all think will end up paying that "compensation" - if it's ever paid at all, that is..."

Us, I suspect... :/