Saturday, 16 May 2015

Leftism – It’s A Mental Disorder

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett outlines this perfectly:
This weekend has, for me, been like the most savage of hangovers. Waves of despair, punctuated by panic, anxiety, paranoia, and fear. A profound weltschmerz and a curious lack of appetite, not to mention a high-pitched monotone in my left ear that sadly, this time, cannot be put down to our decrepit fridge.
Good lord!
I keep remembering and then forgetting; a welcome pleasant thought will be interrupted by the terrifying reminder of what they are going to do to the Human Rights Act. As my father said, “It’s all too awful.”
I can see where you get it from, Rhiannon…
I wonder how many of you, up and down the country, have been trying to hold it together too. I retained my composure for most of Friday, despite no sleep, despite returning home with the birdsong to tell my boyfriend, a public sector worker, the bad news, which he met by rolling over, saying sleepily but with cold certainty, “Well that’s my job gone, then.”
Oh, really? What, the first act of the new government would be to personally sack your boyfriend, would it?
I held it together on College Green during a BBC World Service segment and, later, as I jokingly discussed with friends which sunny, socialist paradise we would decamp to before they shut the borders. I finally broke down properly at around 6pm on Friday, when I allowed myself, finally, to think about my little brother, who is severely disabled, and what might happen to him. Whether I should grab him and run for the hills so that we could camp down together under warm, soft blankets and not come down again until the bad people have gone.
‘The bad people’...? Christ, how old is she?
There’s something vaguely embarrassing about crying about the government. It buys into a stereotype of left-leaning people as overly emotional and childlike in their naive idealism and belief that there is a better way to run the country than cutting services to the bone. But those of us who cried over the election result should not feel embarrassed.
No, no, you should. You really, really should!
There are some who are saying that Labour was too left-wing, yet unlike the SNP, it failed to challenge austerity in any meaningful way, failed to encourage the passionate pride we should be taking in our welfare state. It failed to tell the stories of those who suffered most. It failed to listen.
I think it was the voters who decided not to listen. And I can’t blame them.

The deliciousness of this article is only increased by this footnote:
• This article was amended on 11 May 2015 to remove an incorrect statement that in 2014, government figures showed that 10,600 people had died within six months of being found fit for work by Atos.


Anonymous said...

The left is now beyond parody, perhaps we should have weekly elections to savour their agony more fully.

Twenty Rothmans said...

And this overemotional, puling cooze wonders why we want level-headed OEs running the country.

“Well that’s my job gone, then."
Then he will have to become a man and get another one, although I think that having anything to do with Cosslett would be like sitting on a long, dry, cold buttplug, so he's been through worse.

bobo said...

Emotionalism: the fuel that lit up the faces of the audience at Nuremburg, and provided the steely determination of the Stakhanovites. Indoctrinated into our kids at school: why think when you can be told how to FEEL?

But still good for a laugh when they emote it onto paper.

MTG said...

A delicious Fest only to be topped by the spectacular bombe surprise.

And Weltschmerz doesn't even come close, Ms Costless. I have nothing to declare but my Schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

An article that just keeps on giving:

"You can call me bitter. I’m not exactly thrilled that my best childbearing years will take place under a government that considered getting rid of statutory maternity pay..."

You can imagine her in 10 years blaming her childlessness on the DWP because she couldn't be expected to take the risk of motherhood without the certainty of smp (whilst trumpeting her 'empathy' with women in sub-saharan Africa).


Anonymous said...

Please buy her a one way ticket to some "sunny socialist paradise", Venezuela fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

Reading this article made me feel quite unsettled. The author and others like her who share this near constant levels of hysteria are clearly mentally ill. Clearly some arrested development going on. That said, I'd hate more NHS funds to be wasted dealing with an easily fixable problem. That she and her ilk have a vote, are employed and make decisions for others is, quite frankly. mind boggling.

(A Dr writes: Dear Rhiannon, pull yourself together, stop reading The Grauniad, stop voting Labour, get a proper job and GROW THE FUCK UP)!

Anonymous said...


I never realised the level of pleasure a Conservative victory could give. I am enjoying revelling in the pain of the Graun's columnists.

Also this bloody woman has a boyfriend? Jesus wept the man has no taste or is trying to cover something up.

DavefromTacoma said...

Pretty much says it all:

Curmudgeon said...

"which sunny, socialist paradise we would decamp to before they shut the borders"

I believe Venezuela is nice at this time of year.

Bucko said...

Good Lord! That's an adult?

Greencoat said...

Funnier than Laurel and Hardy.

andy5759 said...

Her image above her column looks disturbingly like one of David Icke's reptilian alien invaders. Shudder.

Bill in St Louis said...

"when I allowed myself, finally, to think about my little brother, who is severely disabled, and what might happen to him. " Maybe she should shut the fuck up, and get a job that allows HER to pay for his care... at least this is what I had to do.

Flaxen Saxon said...

What a pretentious and self absorbed arse.

Longrider said...

Poe's Law is alive and well...

JuliaM said...

"The left is now beyond parody..."

I'm confident they haven't quite hit rock bottom yet. We have the Labour Leadership campaign to get through first!

"Then he will have to become a man and get another one..."

Or live off her earnings? ;)

"You can imagine her in 10 years blaming her childlessness on the DWP.."

She's probably already drafted the article!

JuliaM said...

"Clearly some arrested development going on. "

There's more of it about than ever.

"Pretty much says it all"


"Good Lord! That's an adult?"

A modern kidult.

Anonymous said...

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