Friday, 2 September 2016

An Everyday Story Of Essex Folk...

Jamie George, of Lych Gate, Laindon, caused Canvey’s High Street to be closed for several hours after he refused to get down from the roof of the Admiral Jellicoe pub on May 28.
Despite police officers spending hours trying to coax him down, George would only voluntarily move off the roof when his mum turned up, Basildon Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday.
Magistrates adjourned the case until September 8 at the same court for a pre-sentence report to be carried out. He was released on bail on the condition that he resides at his home and he does not contact Ms Cox directly or indirectly.
He must also not visit Canvey.
I'm unsure if that's a punishment or a reward..?


Fred Karno said...

A reward, probably -

Andy said...

Deputise his mum, get her on riot control. She sounds like a right battle-axe. I can picture it, a cross between Flo Capp and Anne Widdicome complete with rolling pin and hair net.

Anonymous said...

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JuliaM said...

"...the idea behind the website is to troll public figures ..."

Nope! That's what YOU do, only with successful bloggers.

"...grown men hiding behind silly childish names abusing women."

And someone who can't think up a name & stick to it, abusing the hospitality of other bloggers, is on a higher plane of existence? It is to laugh.

It must burn you so much to know that I couldn't give a tuppenny damn what your opinions on....well, anything!...are.

Nor do I care for 'guilt by association. If Dioclese posts there, co-authors, whatever, it's nothing to me. Nor does it reflect on the MS group, as that blog isn't one of the group.

Oh dear. Failed again. Ah, but I suppose if all you have is a hammer, eh, Dickie?

Bill Sticker said...

Julia, I see he's doing cut and paste 'concern' trolling now. The poor jealous thing.

Lord T said...

Thanks for the link. I thought they were all going to be boring blogs but clearly not. I must visit a few more.

JuliaM said...

"A reward, probably -"

LOL! I see some of these 'news' articles are picked up as 'real'... :)

"Deputise his mum, get her on riot control. She sounds like a right battle-axe."

They breed 'em tough on Canvey!

"The poor jealous thing."

Quite! What a way to spend a life..