Thursday, 15 September 2016

Curiouser And Curiouser...

A frail 76 year old Gloucester man has admitted assaulting a woman in her 40s, causing her actual bodily harm.
He pleaded guilty to assaulting Sue Taylor causing her actual bodily harm on July 12 this year.
Mr Jenkins said Madigan has one previous similar conviction in 2005. The current offence occurred in Madigan's own home, he said.
Peter Madigan of Bishopstone Road, Gloucester, was allowed to sit on a bench at the back of the city crown court rather than in the dock for Friday's hearing and his son was permitted to sit with him.
That's rather lenient, isn't it? It's almost as if he's the victim here, isn't it?
Mr Jenkins asked the police or Crown Prosecution Service to have 'a gentle word' with the victim because she had tried to get into Mr Madigan's home and on an earlier occasion had phoned him demanding £2,000 compensation.
"She is 48 years of age and a drinker and a word of warning may be appropriate in the circumstances," Mr Jenkins said.
Ah. It all becomes a bit clearer now.
Bailing Madigan, the judge told him all sentencing options would be available to the court next month.
Including 'telling the police and CPS to fuck off and not waste the court's time'..? I do so hope it does.


Andy said...

I recall a blog by a serving Policeman calling himself Nightstick. He listed things for innocent people to do when coming into contact with the police. One thing which stuck in my mind was the advice to get one's own accusations in first. Reluctance to call the police can result in you being the accused rather than the victim. This is one case where that is perfectly illustrated.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for us frail old men. And watch it!

JuliaM said...

"I recall a blog by a serving Policeman calling himself Nightstick. "

Nightjack! Yes, he's missed. Still active on Twitter though.