Friday, 23 September 2016

A Fast Moving Investigation...

A dog is thought to have been thrown from the widow (sic) of a car driving on the A38 – breaking the poor animal's legs.
A Devon and Cornwall police spokesman said: "At this time, police only have third hand reports of how the dog came to be on the road and how it sustained its injuries."
Not that that stops the newspaper ferreting around on Facebook....
The spaniel believed to have been thrown from a car on the A38 was stolen from a nine year old boy, it has been claimed.
"She was taken from the bottom of our home today unaware. She is a very loved and looked after little girl.
"The vets are doing all they can for her. She is very much wanted by us all and we want karma for these sick people who did this. Words can't describe how upset we are."
Back to the police:
In a statement on the Devon & Cornwall Police website, a spokesperson said: "A local officer will be reviewing CCTV to see if any light can be shed on how this dog became injured and on the A38.
"As stated on the initial appeal, it was a third hand report of the dog being thrown from the car, which is why we appealed for witnesses.
"We are currently working under the impression that the dog had escaped from its home and ran across the road and sustained its injuries this way."
Oh, how heartless! Who could think such a thi...

A dog found injured near Kennford Services last Thursday is now recovering - and police are satisfied that there has been no case of animal cruelty, or any attempts to steal the dog and this was simply an accident, despite inital (sic) reports claiming it had been thrown from a moving car, and subsequent claims it had been stolen from nine-year-old.
"Following enquiries, police have now discovered that the Trixie the King Charles spaniel had escaped from its home and was subsequently struck by a car near Marsh Lane. The dog was then taken to the services before a call was made to the police.
"Police are satisfied that there has been no case of animal cruelty, or any attempts to steal the dog and this was simply an accident. The owners of the dog have been located and the dog is now on the road to recovery.
"We would like to thank the public for their help with this matter and for the concern shown."
I bet you would like to say something else.


Andy said...

Just how devious can people be? I mean ordinary people, not politicians who are the epitome of devious.

JuliaM said...

I'm not so sure it's deviousness, since what is there to 'win' from this behaviour?

It's more like...well, some form of mental illness. The constant desire to be stirring up crime where there is none?