Monday, 19 September 2016

Ever Wonder Why The Police Get All The Blame..?

The seven-year-old and her mother had fled the violent man but he tracked them down and killed his daughter on her doorstep. He had been sent their new address a few months earlier in divorce papers, a review has found.
Even when the girl's mother warned police about the mistake, they passed it to the wrong neighbourhood police team who did nothing.
Boo! Hiss!
It is not clear whether Alromisse received the documents with their new address as he had moved house by that time.

Well, he could have! He could have collected his post!
He continued to use a private investigator after the letter was sent and the review found there was no evidence the letter was how he found her.
Well....errr....there was no evidence it wasn't, was there? We have to keep blame focussed on the cops, after all. Don't want anyone focussed on...other things about this case.

Do we?
Mr Alromisse had entered the UK as an illegal immigrant and gained asylum in 2004 after arguing there was a risk he would be persecuted in his native Egypt for having fought with Islamists in Bosnia and being part of a "radical religious group".
Cultural and religious factors may have increased Ms Shipstone's vulnerability, but there was a “reticence” by professionals to explore these
Detectives have not been able to find out where Alromisse got his gun.
Yes, we certainly don't want anyone looking too closely. Quick! Blame the cops again!


Lord T said...

Poor innocent 7 years gets it by one of the hard men that get upset about how our women can get divorced.

As for the rest of it I'm losing compassion rapidly for western women marrying these foreigners, or even home grown, from a different religion and then when they break their husbands rules, that they know up front, then it is all woe is me.

If he hadn't killed the kid then I'd be saying silly cow, who cares. Rapidly losing interest in these people.

Antisthenes said...

We trust government and their agencies at our peril as this and many other examples of their incompetence, inefficiencies and wasteful use of resources that the taxpayer over generously allows them you and many others highlight everyday. With the invention of the internet hitherto suspected but not well proven inadequacies of our government and associated institutions(not just them but crony capitalists and nefarious causes) are being exposed as they have never been before. In time it will have a revolutionary effect on our thinking. We will demand that the establishment become more accountable and reform. In fact we will recognise that the establishment being a monopoly can never serve us well and turn to private sector solutions. Contrary to popular belief they do exist and that in abundance. It is only prejudice, blinkered thinking and vested interests that stop it happening now and of course the establishment and vested interests fear of losing power and influence over us.

That fear will ensure that much will be done to restrict our access to information and the dissemination of it. Already widely used in less democratic countries but creeping in here. As laws diluting our civil liberties often been added to the statute book, the left/progressives constantly finding ways to shut down debate and limit freedom of speech and biased media outlets like the BBC exercising their power to influence our thinking.

Ted Treen said...


"We trust government and their agencies at our peril

Never has anyone penned anything more apt.

John M said...

Why are we even incarcerating these people? Why not just execuet them as would happen in thier home country?

Anonymous said...

Just because these people leave whatever medieval, barbaric country they come from does not mean, and will never mean, that they have abandoned their medieval, barbaric customs and beliefs.

Anonymous said...

What, you mean generous benefits and a council flat don't automatically change a violent semi primitive thug into an English gentleman called Charles.

Well i'll be jiggered.


Andy said...

He even told us in his asylum application what kind of person he is. Religious warrior. So we invited him to stay? What the...

JuliaM said...

"As for the rest of it I'm losing compassion rapidly for western women marrying these foreigners..."

This very week, we saw the phenomenon of UK 'aid workers' going to Calais to make the beast with two backs with the wretched dregs of humanity that nightly ambush lorries heading to Britain. Words fail me.

"...does not mean, and will never mean, that they have abandoned their medieval, barbaric customs and beliefs."

Indeed! It takes more than a British passport to make a British man, as Judd points out.

"So we invited him to stay? What the..."

We're cutting our own throats.