Monday, 5 September 2016

If Judge Graham Has A Daughter, I Hope She Never Brings This Man Home...

Judge Ian Graham told the court he decided to spare Adams further time in jail because of the mitigating factors.
Adams was handed a 12 month sentence, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and pay £1,500 in compensation and £300 costs.
A minor matter..?
Ian Clift, mitigating, said the attack was a “short-lived incident” and “completely out of character.”
He said Adams has been unable to care for his terminally ill mother and his construction firm has also suffered because he has been in custody since the attack.
Awww, poor man! He's more the victim here, I suppose? I mean, what did he do, a bit of littering?
CCTV played during the trial at Basildon Crown Court showed Miss Clarke arriving at about 5.30pm on Thursday, May 19, and blanking Adams - who was perched at the bar.
Caroline Milroy, prosecuting, said: “She didn’t pay any attention to him and went and sat at the top part of the bar.
“She was grabbed by Mr Adams, who said: ‘Enough of your b*******. You are not coming in here.’
“He then picked up a half-pint glass, threw the contents in her face, changed it into his right hand and smashed the glass in to her face.
“He then punched her to the right eye and hit her to the back of the head. She had to cower down to protect herself.
“She says that while this is happening he says: ‘Not so cocky now, are you?’
The graphic pub CCTV footage showed Adams following up the glass attack with a volley of up to eight punches to the head with his right and left hands.
Miss Clarke was seen looking dazed as she stumbled around the pub with blood pouring from a wound around her right eye.
That's our justice system, folks! Give it a big hand now...



The Blocked Dwarf said...

“It’s by sheer good fortune for her and for you that she didn’t lose an eye as a result of this attack.”

...I was going to rant but to be honest, words just fail me. In what world can glassing a girl in the face and then punching her in the head 8 times be anything but 5 years for GBH at the very least? He could have easily blinded her and/or killed her.

Hopefully someone will complain to the Home Sec and get the sentence reviewed, at the very least unsuspended.

Andy said...

If the prisons are full build more. If we can't afford to do that we must find other solutions. I'm sure that we can all make some suggestions.

Woman on a Raft said...

Did anybody check if his owd muvver was really dying? The last thing she needs is an unsupervised visit from a dangerous thug who might hold a pillow over her head.

Woman on a Raft said...

How odd. Trevor Adams and the Woodcutter's Arms get a mention in a book about Essex gangs.

On the page which the link leads to, a person goes with a gang member called Ricky (Percival) to pick up drugs. The person assumes they are going to Trevor Adams' house to borrow a van as Ricky is a friend of his. They do not go there in the end.

I have not read the book, but it claims to be an inside story. Somebody supplies the builder's bags, which might have been Adams given his other trade. Adams denies having taken control of a gun. He is arrested and interviewed, but released without charge, in connectionallegations of removing a phone from the body of a deceased (i.e. murdered) gang member.

Adams seems to be one of those people who is named as being on the periphery of violent altarcations but never seems to be positively identified as taking part in them. Except towards his unfortunate ex-girlfriend.

In December 1995, three key members of the infamous Essex Boys firm were executed in their Range Rover after being lured to a deserted farm track by the promise of a lucrative drug deal. The police predicted that the void left as a result of the murders would cause a gangland war that would extend across London and much of the south-east.

Essex Boys, The New Generation tells the chilling true story of the gang that destroyed everything that stood in their way to take control of their fallen predecessors' drug empire. With a reputation for ruthless violence, the gang expanded and protected their drug-dealing operation with a terrifying combination of bloodshed and intimidation.

In February 2001, tensions within their circle boiled over and resulted in one member being shot dead. The police investigation was met with a wall of silence and for three years it seemed as if the case would remain unsolved. A leading member of the gang was eventually charged, but in an unexpected twist he became the prosecution's star witness. While a murder conviction was finally secured, the real truth surrounding the murder and the gang's psychotic crimes has never been revealed.

Now, for the first time, former Essex Boys member Bernard O'Mahoney tells the full, extraordinary story of the rise and fall of the gang that took over the Essex underworld from him and his associates.

It must be very frustrating being Essex police at times.

JuliaM said...

" be honest, words just fail me."

Yup! And it takes a lot, doesn't it?

"I'm sure that we can all make some suggestions."

I could. But this is a family blog.

"Did anybody check if his owd muvver was really dying?"

Does anyone ever check if any of these pleas in mitigation have the slightest foundation in reality?

"It must be very frustrating being Essex police at times. "

Good find! And yes, soul destroying.