Friday, 16 September 2016

Why The Excessive Leniency..?

Karen Crielly’s 11-year-old mongrel Buster was out of control on two occasions and caused severe wounds to the two victims....Buster has now been given a stay of execution - as long as he is muzzled in public and never left alone with anyone under 16.
The rugby player it savaged was 24 years old..!
Mitigating, Andrew Wheldon asked for penalty to be in way of a higher fine - as other punishment may ‘damage prospects’ of future work or progressing at her current role in the financial section of a housing association.
Ah, well, if she's going to pay the full price for her animal's damage...
Crielly was ordered to pay £600 costs, £100 compensation and £85 victim surcharge.
That doesn't sound a lot to me, does it to you?
Buster was seized by police after the attack in May and has since racked up £1,600 in vaccination and kennels fees.


Anonymous said...

Vote now for Clarkson 's Law.

JuliaM said...

*votes enthusiastically and often, like a Tower Hamlets resident*