Thursday, 8 September 2016

I'm Guessing The Reason For This Is.... that TV mirrors the 'Guardian's' feminist output..?
In a recent interview, Waller-Bridge said, “I know a lot of my female peers feel really angry. I think that a woman’s response at first is to feel guilty and apologetic about it without knowing why … The idea of the ‘angry young man’ is so deeply embedded [in culture] but the angry young woman seems never to be addressed.” With Fleabag, she’s done just that.
Compulsive viewing ahead, I bet.


Gary C. Sawyer said...

Shouldn't that word be 'repulsive'?

stengle said...

Another reason not to watch television.

Anonymous said...


If I recall correctly the Angry Young Men of the 50s were middle class or in a privileged position, the only genuine working class writer was Shelagh Delaney. I doubt if Fleabag has a fraction of Shelagh Delaney's talent.

Anonymous said...

I thought feminists were always angry.

JuliaM said...

"Shouldn't that word be 'repulsive'?"

It's more accurate, certainly...

"Another reason not to watch television."

Or to watch Netflix!

"I doubt if Fleabag has a fraction of Shelagh Delaney's talent."

Talent is sooooo last century!

"I thought feminists were always angry."