Saturday, 31 December 2016

Absent Friends....

As we begin the countdown to slip out of 2016 and into a new year, and all that might bring, please raise a glass with me to those we have lost:

Captain Ranty (Blog now sadly gone dark)

Unenlightened Commentary

Anna Raccoon (who closed her blog just before Christmas, as her diagnosis was sadly progressing)

Gone, but not forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Anna Racoon's blog is still there, it will be a trendy place for smart affordable clothes, and not a haven for peodaphile apologists.

Great start to the new year.

mike fowle said...

Can't believe you approved the comment from anonymous at 00:33, Julia? It's disgusting.

JuliaM said...

Oh, I'll be replying to it.

Just Trevor said...

Anonymous said: ... a haven for peodaphile apologists.

One thing I'll give to you cretins is you almost never fail to disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Pcar writes:


Sad that Anna turned off her blog earlier than stated. I was planning to download it and make it available as a download for all - if Anna permitted.

If you are in contact with her, please ask if there is a way this can still be accomplished.

Happy New Year and many thanks to you both.


selsey.steve said...

Never mind the arguments above, this year is a sign of the ageing of the net.
Blogs which were "always there", like Captain Ranty but not, we hope, the most educational Anna Raccoon.
What we tend to forget is the fact that as the Web grows older, so do those who contribute to our browsing pleasure. We are all growing older. A lot of us were born before anything like the WWW could be imagined. Then computers, which used to cost millions, suddenly became household appliances.
Now the Web is on phones, even on watches.
Has the content improved in line with the massive spread of information availability?
I regret that it has not.
Farce-Book and similar so-called "Social Media" (better known as anti social media) are dominating what too many people rwad and take to be "Truth".

MalcolmCog said...

I miss Anna Racoon, and pedrofile spelllinng errrors

Anonymous said...

The A.R. blog archived here...

TJ said...


Thank you so much!

JuliaM said...

"...and not a haven for peodaphile apologists."

What drugs are you on?

And where's your award-winning blog, anonymous? What have you achieved? Who will ever want to archive your words of wisdom for posterity?

"...this year is a sign of the ageing of the net."

Yes, sadly so. Many of the blogs I follow have ceased to post regularly (even I have cut down to two posts a day). I suppose it's inevitable.

It's just getting harder to wade through all the chaff. But that makes the nuggets of pure gold so much more rewarding.

"The A.R. blog archived here..."

Bless you! Blogroll amended.