Friday, 2 December 2016

To What End..?

The family of a man who died after falling into the Leeds and Liverpool Canal have called for increased surveillance in the area.
Would it have helped in this case?
David Rhodes, 46, from Blackburn, was found in the canal off Highfield Road in July this year.
Assistant Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley coroner Elaine Block concluded that the cause of death was accidental, contributed to by the level of alcohol in his blood stream.
A hearing at Blackburn was told that Mr Rhodes had been walking with crutches due to a hip operation.
His brother Johnny Heyworth, 36, said: “I cannot believe it.
“I just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else, it has happened to far too many people.
“There’s no way he should have been allowed out of hospital.
“They need to put CCTV cameras up around there.”
Why? By the time the operators had raised the alarm, he'd have drowned anyway.


MTG said...

It has been a long standing custom for Mr Leeds Plod to assist in the immersions.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone knew that the only way Police in Blackburn can pass their probationary period is by forcing crippled drunks under the water by pushing them down with their crutches.
You live up that way, don't you, Melv? Trust you're walking ability (no, Melv, I said 'walking') hasn't deteriorated, especially after a pint or two?

Andy said...

I think that the family want CCTV installed so that they can have videos of "Daddy Drowning". I can see it now, oh we did laugh.

James Higham said...

I was going to ask how he drowned in the LLC but plod and immersions is a good explanation.

JuliaM said...

" think that the family want CCTV installed so that they can have videos of "Daddy Drowning"."

As we found out in the last post, with CCTV quality, it's doubtful they'd recognise daddy.

Which wouldn't make them rare in Blackburn, mind you...