Monday, 12 December 2016

Exercise In Futility

Awais Kazmi, 29, of Broomfield Avenue, Leigh, was banned from approaching lone women in public for a period of five years after a court made a strict sexual harm prevention order on September 14.
He had carried out two indecent assaults on November 25, 2015, and December 16, 2015.
Essex Police later applied for the stringent order which prevented him from approaching lone women in public for a period of five years.
I bet you know what's coming next...?
The ban covered any lone female not previously associated with him, including on public transport or in shops, unless it is inadvertent or “not reasonably avoidable in the course of lawful daily life”.
But Southend Magistrates’ Court heard Kazmi breached the order just five days after it was made by walking up to a till worker in Marks and Spencer in Southend High Street.
Philip Pearson, prosecuting, said: “He started a conversation with her, saying she was nice and lovely. He had no intention of making a purchase of any goods. She found his behaviour harassing.”
Kazmi went into Clark’s shoe shop on October 4 and approached another shop assistant. He followed her around the shop, touching her arm and calling her pretty. Mr Pearson said: “She felt uncomfortable by his behaviour. He made no attempt to make a purchase on that visit.”
One does wonder about the wisdom of letting someone like this wander free.
Kazmi admitted both breaches, leaving him at risk of a prison sentence. However, Roger Neild, mitigating, said Kazmi is autistic and thought to have Asperger’s Syndrome and a learning disability.
So wouldn't he be better off locked away?
The solicitor added: “He now has a full understanding of what the order is and he has a full understanding of what he can and can’t do.”
Oh. Right. But he didn't before?
Magistrates’ handed Kazmi a 12 month community order, including 60 hours unpaid work and ordered him to pay £85 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.
He was also banned from Clark’s and Marks and Spencer in Southend for five years.
Well, that's done it. After all, no women work anywhere else in Southend.


PJH said...

I note that, rather helpfully, they don't actually supply a picture of Mr. Kazmi, so any vulnerable young ladies out there who doesn't know what he looks like would have plenty of warning...

Antisthenes said...

It is obvious or at least to me that locking people up who are a danger to society because they will and have done harm to person or property is the most logical thing to do. As punishment, as a deterrent to others thinking of doing the same and whilst they are incarcerated they are no direct threat to society. Yet increasingly that type of thinking is being abandoned as we see fewer being imprisoned or receiving the punishment to fit the crime. Those who advocate this modern form of justice are mostly those who are least likely to suffer from it or are blinded by idealistic fervour. Being charitable in deed and action is rarely as beneficial as it's proponents would have us believe it is. As it leads to rewarding either the undeserving or creates a new group of dependants and dissatisfied and at the same time punishing victims and creating very likely future threats to the innocent.

Greencoat said...

Leave the guy alone - he’s carrying out the harassment that British sex-pests are too lazy to do. This autistic, aspergered, learning disabled immigrant is yet another asset to our nation.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Or he could be following his religious instruction and treating women as worthless, animated sex toys.

JuliaM said...

"I note that, rather helpfully, they don't actually supply a picture of Mr. Kazmi..."

That would be useful, wouldn't it?

"Those who advocate this modern form of justice are mostly those who are least likely to suffer from it..."

I very much doubt they shop in the high street.

"This autistic, aspergered, learning disabled immigrant is yet another asset to our nation."

There's a shouty nutter who regularly perambulates up & down the high street barking at women. He's white.

Anonymous said...

Notorious Southend sex predator, Awais Kazmi's description is of Pakistani heritage, light-mid brown skin tone, 5"8/5"9, aged around 30 with a sophisticated appearance.

Suave yet studious looking,accompanied with a pseudo Bollywood-esque manner with an Esturian accent, the female stalking Leigh-on-Sea resident, frequently visits Southend-on-Sea and is most usually formally and smartly dressed with a high end sweater, business designer trousers, gaudy and inauthenticlly cheap colourful Asian bracelets around both wrists and a very largely noticeable fake silver medallion placed around his neck.

In public, Kazmi also wears dark black sun shades and/or designer spectacles, whilst also walking around by himself at all times. The ever-suspicious British-Pakistani sex criminal is a former student at Belfairs School in Leigh-on-Sea and was born in Southend to Pakistan-born parents. Kazmi worked previously at Pizza Hut in Southchurch Road in Southchurch according to reports.

Furthermore, Kazmi has also been banned from entering and using all facilities at the Southend on Sea Borough Council, as well as being banned from using Southend public transportation, including the C2C rail and Arriva and other bus services.

Elsewhere, in late 2018, when confronted in relation to his fear of entering the Southend-on-Sea town center when wanting to sell a DVD box-set to a used entertainment retailer in Southend High Street, Kazmi deviously attempted to bamboozle a man to sell a box-set DVD he owned and additionally lied bold facely to the man with regards to his ban in the Southend-on-Sea town shopping centre, thus stating to the unnamed gentleman whom he attempted to con and play the race card, stating that "I am not allowed in the town because I got banned due to a racist incident."

Furthermore, Kazmi's unreported criminal incident of an unnamed female volunteer reception at The Hub in Southend Victoria Shopping Center is also another of Kazmi's long line of unreported incidents.

At The Hub in Southend-on-Sea, Kazmi violated once more, sensually caressing the hand of the female volunteer in her mid 50s, whilst stating that "your ring turns me on!".

Kazmi, who frequently circulatates the second floor of The Forum library each Thursday morning to strictly access public computers, has since been monitored by security within The Forum after continual viewing of questionable content on YouTube on The Forum's public computers, such as videos with adult films stars and videos containing animal cruelty in Pakistain (i.e, a cow being slaughtered).

Whilst in Southend, Kazmi has been known to approach a plethora of various strangers to speak about certain positions, advice, women's backsides, coupled alongside speaking about female celebrities which he dreams of being with, such as Karren Brady. Kazmi has an interracial notion about women's measurements and bodies in a highly disturbing fashion.

Also, the British-Pakistani criminal has previously harassed several women who work at Thamesgate house in Victoria Avenue in Southend-on-Sea. Kazmi has been known to offer his telephone number to these women and invite them to coffee dates.

Moreover, Kazmi, who has been unemployed for many years, claimed to be getting married in 2018. Kazmi also claimed in 2018 that his younger brother died, whilst begging a member of the public for money to pay for his funerial service in Pakistan.

Kazmi's peculiar personal interests include: snooker, tennis, 70s/80s film, as well as 60s and 70s Bollywood music. The British-Pakistani has also stored a sufficient catalog of unusual material on his personal laptop, whilst also having a penchant for discussing about uunacceptable subject matters of a sensitive nature in public to strangers.

Kazmi visits his local Mosque, The Southend Mosque, situated on West Road in Westcliff-on-Sea with great frequency. The Leigh-on-Sea resident often subsequently decamps to The Forum library, situated off Queens Road in Southend-on-Sea.