Thursday, 29 December 2016

See, We Don't Need To Import Nigerian 419 Fraudsters...

The Bolton Tent City camp set up in Cheadle Square on Christmas Eve. Organisers had asked local people to give items for the homeless.
A handful of tents were pitched and people called at the site on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day to donate clothes, camping equipment, sleeping bags and food to help.
The organisers said the project was largely taking place to protest against the way Bolton Council deals with homeless people, as well as to help those less fortunate in the town.
 Awww. How heartwarming!

So, naturally, all the snowflakes and SJWs arranged a bit of public virtuesignalling:
Liberal Democrat campaigner Warren Fox was contacted by Bolton Tent City and visited Cheadle Square on Christmas Day to donate warm clothes to the project.
But, oh no! What's happened? concerns have been raised among those who donated items after the Facebook group which was organising the project disappeared.
The main contact phone number being used to contact people is no longer working.
The four tents remain in Cheadle Square but they are empty and there is no sign of the organisers or any homeless people.
Excuse me a minute...

On Facebook, ‘Shana Bee Bee’ said she had been blocked by the Bolton Tent City group on Facebook after volunteering to help.
She said: “I went down there on Christmas Day with my kids with lots of tea and cakes, only to find no one was there.
“We waited for two hours. We gave morning notice we’re coming in the evening.
“I contacted them and they told me they had to nip home to charge their phones.
"Then they blocked me on Facebook.”
Oh, stop! You're killing me! *wipes away tears of mirth*
The Bolton News was able to briefly make contact with Andy Dodd, one of the people purported to be organising the project.
He said he could not comment on the situation, as he was currently seeking legal advice about comments he said had been made about him on social media channels.
*rolls on floor laughing*


Antisthenes said...

If there was ever any doubt that many of us are gullible and credulous then this is one example that dispels it. Fertile ground for shysters to scam people out of their possessions. A trick not lost on politicians and activists especially when they are peddling the snake oil ideology of socialism and progressive dogma (despite belief to the contrary both based on the same idea of imposing authoritarian socialism on the populace). Who do so with alacrity and reap great reward from doing so. The results all so plain to see these days as their policies permeate now every level of our society. Where having an opinion can be a crime and all economic and social matters must be socialised regardless of the cost created by malinvestment, the wasteful use of resources, misuse of talent and the degradation of enterprise and innovation.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

A fool and his chatels are easily parted by a virtue signalling fraud.


Michael said...

How does that old School song go?
"Put your best foot forward, go boldly on your way,
Never once forgetting there's one born every day"
Remember, just £6 will feed and clothe the 35 year old Levant "Child" who will be moving next door...

JuliaM said...

"If there was ever any doubt that many of us are gullible and credulous then this is one example that dispels it."

At home yesterday, I had two calls from companies calling themselves some variation of 'Microsoft Technical Support' claiming to be calling about an issue with my PC. Clearly, this does indeed fool some people.

"How does that old School song go?"

Heh! I haven't heard that one before.. ;)