Thursday, 15 December 2016

Can't They Be Done For 'Disposal Of A Weapon'..?

A court has been unable to put a control order on a large dog which was dangerously out of control when it attacked a smaller dog in front of children outside an Ipswich primary school.
Because of general justice system incompetence?
Ipswich magistrates were going to consider the move during a case involving Kimberley Hatfield, of Aster Road, Ipswich, but they were told Rocky, a mixed breed, had been sold to a new owner. As the owner was not in court an order could not be made.
Hatfield and her partner Glen Tilley had only had the dog for around three weeks. Mrs Harper said the previous owner warned them Rocky “could go hyper”.
Why would you take on (buy?) a dog like that? And then sell it on? 

Who buys these mutts, and why?
A community resolution was offered to Hatfield, which would resolve the matter with the owner of the other dog without bringing a case to court. Both parties accepted on the basis Hatfield would pay the £281.60 vet’s bill for Star to treat the injuries Rocky caused.
However, no money was paid.
Well, I'm shocked. No doubt they have an excuse?
Mr Tilley added compensation had not been paid as his partner had been pregnant and they had forgotten as they were worried about their baby.
Why are such people allowed to breed?


Antisthenes said...

You often comment about the breeding habits of some of our fellow human beings. As much as I agree with you that some of them do so totally irresponsibly they cannot be completely condemned for doing so. After all it is in our nature to procreate at every opportunity and under normal circumstances it is right to do so. Unfortunately humans have the unique ability to create the abnormal and change the environment so that procreation becomes more an exercise in recreation than in ensuring the survival of our species. Matching our urges with our need to act responsibly not just to procreate but in so many other things we do in excess or misguidedly and thoughtlessly needs an adaption of our mental capacity in proportion to all the other adaptions we are capable of. This is not happening as adapting our brain is one area we have not yet become capable of doing. Higher IQ levels and good education help but are not anywhere sufficient enough to overcome this deficit and often do not work anyway. Lobotomies and eugenics have had very limited success. Genetic engineering shows promise but what that promise portends is not yet possible to access. Maybe AI is the answer. We develop transplantable AI brains and all become cyborgs. Then we can all go through the ritual of procreation without the harmful effects of ever actually having babies.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that once a court orders compensation instead of a fine, that compensation sum becomes a civil debt and it is down to the person owed the money to take action through the civil courts - which can cost more than the sum owed. If the court fined the offender (with the threat of custody if the whole sum is not paid) and then transferred that sum to the victim, then some form of justice could be seen to be done. Unfortunately, however, the connection between law and justice seems to be getting thinner and thinner.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Don't laugh. These chavs might be the last bastion against being outbred by ROPers.

What an horrible thought.

JuliaM said...

"Maybe AI is the answer."

I've seen 'Westworld', and I'm sceptical... ;)

"Unfortunately, however, the connection between law and justice seems to be getting thinner and thinner."

At this point, it's so thin it's see-through.

"Don't laugh. These chavs might be the last bastion against being outbred by ROPers."

That's like the Aussies saying 'I know! Let's try cane toads!'...