Saturday, 3 December 2016

I Look Forward To You Raiding The Bank Of England, Then....

Pubs on Canvey have been given a stark warning that they could have their licences revoked after officers discovered cocaine in one establishment’s toilets.
Yes, clearly, it makes sense to punish the venue for what the customers do. After all, the police seem to have got away with blaming football clubs, so why not extend it to pubs?
Chief Insp Glen Westley, district commander for Castle Point, said: “We did some licensed premises checks with the council by carrying out drop-in inspections.
“When we found cocaine in the toilets, we gave them an action plan to improve.
To improve what, exactly, the cleaning rota?
“This is the beginning of a process with our licence holders to hold them to account.
They aren't breaking the law. Their customers are. Why don't you hold them to account, instead?
“Obviously it is a criminal offence to have cocaine and we don’t know whose it was because it could have been there for weeks, but we want to make sure the licence holders do something about it if they are suspicious.
That word 'if' is doing a lot of work there. Maybe they aren't suspicious. Maybe these traces are so small they can't even be detected unless it's with your equipment!

Something publicans shouldn't be expected to fork out for...
“If it happens again, there are laws to get licences removed. I am not saying this will happen but it is something we can consider.
“We are hot on their toes.
So you can't catch the real criminals, but you'll make life unpleasant for those who you claim facilitate it?



proglodyte said...

Publicans, as employers/property owners also have a legal responsibility to enforce the smoking ban in pubs. Failure to do so can result in a £2500 fine - the only reason why pubs are now smoke free.

Lisboeta said...

I look forward to Essex police closing shops because traces of drugs have been found on banknotes in their tills....

Anonymous said...

It's not as if plod dependability does not exist, Julia. You can depend on Mrs Plod spooning out her lumpy, blue-veined, cocaine-contaminated udders on social occasions; Mr Plod sucker-punching a drunken woman or multi-tasering some guy limping on a crutch. And after the populace became sorely afraid of carrying table legs in public, we came to rely upon Mr Plod turning his weapons on the elderly...for tapping the pavement with a white stick or 'refusing to hear' his verbal instructions. You can depend on Mr Plod failing to turn up at your latest burglary. You can depend on Mr Plod throwing the town's vagrants into the canal or misusing a laser gun in such a way as to exaggerate your vehicle speed. And never be in any doubt of a truncheon attack being launched on your car windows and windscreen should you suggest any wrongdoing on the part of this public 'service'.

Anonymous said...

"We don't know whose it was as it could have been there for weeks..". In the toilets? How often do they get cleaned? They deserve to be shut down for that alone!

Anonymous said...

Come on Melvin,time for your medicine and afternoon nap.That's a mighty rant even by your low standards.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Cocaine is ubiquitous, at least in certain circles. Let us embrace our drug culture and lift a middle finger to 'Da establishment'. Wise folk do as they please because they are enlightened and not governed by societies strictures and mores. As a general rule I don't 'do' illegal drugs as I've found paradise in prescription meds. Ain't dat the sad truth?

MTG said...

@ Jaded. Wrong guess, dear. Most readers of the blog already know you are not 'lightening' quick and I fully appreciate the task of four neurons desperately juggling with the concept that others may share my views of police. Your basic handicap can be offset by boosting dopamine levels; best effected by minimising doughnut intake whilst introducing yourself to a modicum of prophylactic exercise.

Anonymous said...

Simple question. Are you aware of the 2003 Licensing Act? The act sets out four main objectives, which are:
The prevention of crime and disorder
Public safety
The prevention of public nuisance
The protection of children from harm
It has never been the case that a licensee can run licensed premises and allow disorder/drunkenness to take place on or near the premises and not expect any consequences. I may have got it wrong but you seem to be implying that a licensee should simply be able to run a pub/club and adopt a laissez faire attitude towards the behaviour of their clients. A licensee cannot say 'not down to me' and continue to allow such behaviour to continue. Have a look at the attached, it sets out fairly clearly what is expected of licence holders.

JuliaM said...

"In the toilets? How often do they get cleaned? They deserve to be shut down for that alone!"

Good point! :D

"Cocaine is ubiquitous, at least in certain circles."

I wonder if that holds true with the new plastic fivers?

"I may have got it wrong but you seem to be implying that a licensee should simply be able to run a pub/club and adopt a laissez faire attitude towards the behaviour of their clients."

You mean like the organisers of the Notting Hill Carnival, Retired?

Anonymous said...

As far as I am aware there is no single event licence granted for NHC. I believe that now individual stall holders and sound system organisers have to get a licence for their stall or sound system. NHC is, unfortunately, a different kettle of fish as it started as a spontaneous event and just grew and grew and no one got hold of it. Probably because there was no one body that could or was willing to take the flak. I stand by my view that the carnival is and will always be a squalid nuisance and a serious threat to public safety. However I don't think NHC has anything to do with this issue but your tedious circular arguments and whataboutery will continue to see links where none exist.