Monday, 19 December 2016

Snowflake Generation Policing

Investigating officer, Pc Ben Herridge, said: “The victim was clearly very shaken and upset by the incident.
“She feels nervous and uncomfortable using the railway after what happened to her and for fear of a repeat incident.
“If you are the man who pushed this woman over at St Albans City station in the summer, you know who you are, please come forward and resolve this incident so that the victim can move on with her life.”
I'm amazed they have time for this, overwhelmed as they are by the hunt for the poster mastermind and potential new 'hate crime' on the Tube....


Antisthenes said...

Snowflakes have always been with us in modern times at least. Prior to that I doubt very much as there was no advantage in being so. In yesteryear your problem was your own problem and you got on with it as best you could. If help was to be found it was limited and in proportion. The good old days of personal responsibility and self reliance where if you were lucky anyone who transgressed you got caught and punished and that was the end of the matter. Now we have become a progressive more caring society where everybody's problems you are having to share whether you want to or not. Morally no problem. Practically very much so because of human nature doing the moral thing comes with burdens.

As if life isn't burdensome enough we now have to increasingly share our resources with ever increasing numbers of snowflakes wherever they hale from and whatever their demands however unreasonable. At the same time we cannot vent our frustration at being robbed of our culture, traditions, resources and question why those who wish to do us harm are allowed to live amongst us. It is demanded that we conform to progressive dogma and show gratitude that we are all being fleeced and having our civil liberties removed in support of our neighbours who are less fortunate. Even if those neighbours come from far away lands that are hell holes created by their own making. If they are also sensitive souls as well then nothing should be denied them. Doing the moral thing is all well and good until it is not which is most of the time if it is too generous or done without plenty of safeguards against exploitation.

Andy said...

Oh blimey. That dodgy image of the thug looks like me! It isn't me. Thank goodness that I no longer commute, otherwise my days of freedom could be numbered.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Shouldn't the puff-puff plod be more concerned about looking out for suspicious items of luggage?

JuliaM said...

"Prior to that I doubt very much as there was no advantage in being so. "

We need to bring this back. Step one would be the police refusing to tolerate (and thereby encourage) it.

"Shouldn't the puff-puff plod be more concerned about looking out for suspicious items of luggage?"

Or kids with their feet up on the seats... ;)