Saturday, 10 December 2016

Gawd Bless The ECHR!

Two brothers who tortured two innocent young boys almost to death are attempting to protect their anonymity for life using the Human Rights Act.
Yes, it's this pair. You must remember them, it wasn't that long ago.

And of course, they are out - why would anyone be surprised at that? After all, according to the progressives, they were the real victims. Of their parents, society and the State, of course.
The brothers were locked up in separate units but were said to have been disruptive and had their privileges removed as punishment.
However, their lawyers now say that they have been rehabilitated and neither 'has displayed any aggression or violent behaviour in the community'.
You mean they were disruptive when faced with rules and consequences while behind bars (mild though they no doubt were) and are now free of those back with their fellow scum, so aren't causing trouble? Hmmm. I don't think that's the success story you claim it to be.
Last night the father of the older victim said he was incredulous that the brothers were using this section of the act to support their legal bid.
'They didn't give a thought to avoiding torture, inhumane or degrading treatment when they did what they did so it's taking the p*** for them to go to court arguing on those lines,' he said.
Indeed so. But that's the problem with having 'rights' that clearly have no tie to 'responsibilities'.


Greencoat said...

It looks as though ‘prison doesn’t work’ yet again.

It never does for people who are no longer in it.

Anonymous said...

When they get their new identities, can they be housed next door to the scum who tortured and killed Jamie Bulger? Perhaps their kids can play with each other's.

JuliaM said...

"It never does for people who are no longer in it."

Tru dat.

"Perhaps their kids can play with each other's."

So they can hunt in a bigger pack..?